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    Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [Reboot]

    ~Aeron~ Aeron smiled and understood that the guy must be needing some space and backed up. "Im sorry man, didnt mean to corner you like that" he said patting the firebrand's back and heading back to his friend. "Tell why I chose to go there and disturb those dude" Aeron said sarcastically yet...
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    Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [Reboot]

    ~Sky~ First day at a school titled for the "monsters" definitely made Sky uncomfortable but whats a Lamia to do when their mom's ready with a suitcase. As soon as Sky was outside her town, she was teleported to the monorail to school. She walked around the station after being given a bracelet...
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    Realistic or Modern The Loveless, Friendly Ghost

    Im fine to begin now, just send me the link to the chat ^-^
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    Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [Reboot (Character Sheets)]

    Im gonna sound stupid but im just new here. I meant like where does the rp takes place (:
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    Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [Reboot (Character Sheets)]

    Im so confused XD but im all about the Funnnn (cue evil laugh:- mwahahahahaa). Btw how do i join ?
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    Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [Reboot (Character Sheets)]

    Ok i edited it!
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    Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [Reboot (Character Sheets)]

    Name: Sky Monet Age: 100 ( equivalent to human teenage) Race/Species: Lamia Affinity: Hypnotism Magick Appearance: Short Pre-student Bio: She tends to be friendly and avoid using powers although cant help play with people a bit. Tries to avoid being in a drama, but enjoys watching...
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    Realistic or Modern The Loveless, Friendly Ghost

    First and Last Name: Sky Monet Age: 18 Eye color: Brown Height: 5'5 Appearance: (Pictures are accepted) History: She is very close to her family and friends back home but having to move to a new place was a real struggle for her. She gets lonely easily and hence attached to things however...
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    Realistic or Modern  Looking for Long/short term rp partner ^-^

    Hey! Im Sky and Im new to this community although I have rped for 3 years now. I don't prefer one-line writers but definitely don't expected paragraphs, just enough to keep the rp rolling. I prefer to do MxF, me playing the female and im open to any plot although I have most experience with...
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    Realistic or Modern Looking for Highschool Age Romance RP (Semi to lit) (M/F)

    Hey! I down to rp with any of those plots if you wanna rp
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    Realistic or Modern The Loveless, Friendly Ghost

    Hey! Im up for the rp if you dont mind!
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    Realistic or Modern Pembrooke Preparatory Academy (Open)

    Ooo sounds fun! Can I just join the server?
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    Multiple Settings Providence Academy (Closed)

    Hey! I'm interested if this is open!
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hewoo! I'm Sky, very new here and still figuring things out here! I have some experience in rp. I do prefer and write descriptively. I prefer the genre of romance mainly but I'm open to try anything. So yeah, drop me a message and maybe we can rp ^-^