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  • I am here to stay!
    Those wondering, due to lots of family stuff, art stuff, and other media stuff, I have taken a long break from the site just to get stuff done.

    Little updates:
    Getting a graphic tablet that works with my tablet. Weening off of a stylus, for once
    I am turning fifteen in two days
    Might start a quest soon.
    Discord has crashed. Why?
    There has been a cloudflare outage on their end, stay tuned for their updates
    According to my discord app “some servers are down due to an outtage”
    I know, everyone has been experiencing it. It should be working, for now. It should be up in an hour or two.
    Well. Someone on Twitter was kind to draw virus (with human al somewhat) as a secret sinner gift.
    Why... just why am I here to suffer...
    I've gone into depression again, nothing in life seems to make any sense anymore. I might pick up the courage to tell my parents about how I feel. For now, I might draw a lot due to me trying to keep myself together.
    Don't be afraid to ask for help. 💗
    You can always vent to me. I don't know if you like doing that, but if you do, I'm here.
    Also, trust me, I know depression isn't like a sickness, but still, I hope you feel better soon.
    Wear masks in these trying times, people.
    I'm gonna die breathing in this though...
    For the sake of my roleplaying career:
    I have dropped many groups and abandoned many due to lots of inactivity the last few months I've been on here and that's due to lots of things happening in my life rn. I just need to take a break from writing and let up on writing long posts cause of my small tablet, and save up for a computer of my own.
    I have quarantine fever meaning I tend to lose my sanity a lot, and forget everything about my groups. I had deaths in my family, including a recent one, I had arguments, tantrums (from my sister), fatigue, and forgetfulness.

    But fear not, I am restarting in the near future and coming off strong with a planned plot, and planned characters. I am going to start a new group series, (and yes, discord server for that one)
    If you want a sneak peek, I can hand you an invite link and we'll talk about new things.
    I am still role playing, just not for now.
    Don't you just hate it when you're in the middle of school, and a large gust of wind decides to cut your power out?
    And I was almost done 😥
    I have found a game I've been dying to play, MOP: operation cleanup.
    Weird, but extremely addictive little game. Your basically a modified Wall-e, cleaning up a polluted planet.
    I might make a side story to how virus and her siblings ended up with him.
    To all The groups I joined and made, and others, I apologize for inactivity. Discord has taken over, and lots of drama has happened. School as well, and other things I can't mention.
    If anyone wants to talk to me, feel free to, something came up I don't know what.
    Good news and bad news
    In a few weeks, I will be released from the prison of eight grade, and get straight into group replies.
    Bad news is, that means I won't be as active as I would be till the next few weeks. But stay tuned, school will be done for me 😊
    Deviantart: The old version is now retiring May 20th
    Me: you gotta be kidding me...

    Yep, that's right. It's now a pain in The butt to get around the new site, but fear no harm, fellow RPN deviants, it will turn out better than eclipse.
    I'm back, with New group ideas. I had a small hiatus just to oil the gears of writing, and get some itches out. Our groups will take place after some I started, for example one will take place after our rotg:r main. They will all have dates on them, so set your calendars, add a reminder, whatever to keep track of time.

    Ideas with dates:
    Incredibles group (looking for a creative name) may 25-31 depending on our group
    Gortimer gibbons: life on normal street (also called normal street life) June 15-24
    Hazbin hotel with helluva boss in it (also called time for a hellishly good time) July 7-23
    Dragonvale (also called wizard's gathering) August 1(oh look, my birthday!)-2 (this might be scrapped, since I have no idea what to do with this one, but it might stay in the back burner)
    More ideas to come when I get them up, I will edit this post with more ideas. Stay tuned...
    OMG GORTIMER GIBBONS!!! Ik I’m to lateee but is it still open!??
    To be fair, I haven't even started it! I might consider getting it up this weekend, stay tuned ^_^
    OMG yessss! 🤪🤪🤪
    Well, sorry to say this, but I'm going on a little hiatus for a story I'm writing on wattpad with a new account. My old one needs to be closed, it's on my cruddy tablet. When will I come back? I will be on here and reply, but I might disappear this weekend.
    Stay tuned, I will be back.
    Guys, just a little notice.
    Cant post for next few hours cause I'm saving my battery for the next hour or so, cause my power just went out. Please pray that this will be resolved and my neighborhood will have power again.
    I can post, it just going to be extremely late, like an two to three hours.
    I was thinking, if you wanted to create rps that everyone loved, you could create a thread called something like, “Create a RP that the avatar above you would love”
    Many praises to those going through a hard time. Try to stay safe and stay at home ^^

    Everyone, I pray for the ones who are in the ICU because of this virus and hoping they will get better soon.

    It will end, we will stand strong, and overcome this virus, we will win this war!
    Looks like I've gotten busy, everyone is looking at my old threads and requesting to join. Replies are going to be late or early, but stay tuned...
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