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    Other Weirdest conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

    Birds are just flying robots created to spy on us inconspicuously. It's the truth, man.
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    Other Worst candy?

    Those little banana shaped candies. I think that whatever company produces them should be prosecuted for committing chemical-based war crimes.
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    Other What was 'The Incident' at your school?

    I was friends with this guy who was what we in Australia call an "eshay" (did drugs, stole shit from people, wore brands like Nike/Adidas, etc.). I'm honestly not sure how I became friends with him, as I didn't do any of the aforementioned stuff, I was just a pretty nerdy kid. He decided that...
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    I'm new here, I'm a casual roleplayer who mainly likes sci-fi and fantasy roleplays. Look forward to doing some mad roleplays here!