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    The Cure [still accepting]

    Im intrigued...
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    ── ⊱ king of kings [ closed ]

    could I reserve not just the specific countries since they are all small islands, but the whole Polynesian area as a whole??
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    Good Old Days [Main]

    E T H A N Location: Liv's Driveway Interaction: Audrey + Kiana + Riley Tagging: @Beauty_Belle @Amva27 @Odessa @jesssssmart Ethan smiled and waved to his aunt before getting into the uber he had requested. He really enjoyed the last week he had spent with her and he wished he had more time with...
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    Realistic/Modern The Illustrious People (Characters)

    {slide=center | // B a s i c s //}Name: Sydney King Nickname: Syd Age: 18 Birth Month/Sign: November~Sagittarius Sexuality: Queer Major: Psychology Year: Freshman Role: Athlete {/slide}{slide=center | // S t a t s //}face claim: Briana Green height: 5'9" weight: 150lbs body type: Athletic hair...
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    Realistic/Modern Good Old Days [CS]

    {slide=center | // B a s i c s //}Name: Ethan J. Davies Age: 25 Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual{/slide}{slide=center | // A p p e a r a n c e //}Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Blonde Height/Weight: 6'2" 190lbs Body Type: Athletic Tattoos/Piercings/Etc: None{/slide}{slide=center | // P e r s o...
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    Good Old Days [searching for one male]

    Yes...I am so interested!!
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    The Illustrious Season 3 A College HBCU Roleplay

    I am sooo very interested in this!!
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    Commit Inc. {an arranged marriage rp} STILL ACCEPTING

    The character page is up here @Esther_Silvers @latency @Beauty_Belle @Rayvian @currysawcc @Forfeit @viridity @ShadyAce @Yumiko
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    Realistic/Modern Commit Inc. Characters

    Reserved for Me!! WIP
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    Realistic/Modern Commit Inc. Characters

    Commit Inc. Here is the info that I would like included in your character sheets, feel free to add any information that you feel pertains to your character. Please note all characters have just graduated high school and become adults so please keep the age appropriate. Please use real face...
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    Commit Inc. {an arranged marriage rp} STILL ACCEPTING

    Awesome to see the interest!! I will start working on the character page tomorrow