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    𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓃𝓈 ☠

    Interested...I like the charmer
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    High School LGBT Focused RP

    seems interesting
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    Ocean Fever [Closed]

    I'm interested...
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    Realistic/Modern So... we're a band now? {CLOSED} (Characters)

    NAME: Nathaniel "Nate" Maxwell AGE: 21 GENDER: Male ROLE: Drummer band 2 APPEARANCE: BRIEF PERSONA: Nate is a charismatic and outgoing guy, who can get along with anyone. He loves meeting and talking to new people and will start a conversation with a complete stranger like its nothing. He has a...
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    Ships Haven Split [Main]

    D E S I Location: In her car Interaction: none Tagging: noneDesi couldn’t help but roll her eyes in irritation as she listened to her brother tell the same over exaggerated story for what seemed like the twentieth time that week. Her brother was almost her polar opposite, as she was keen to be...
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    So... we're a band now? {CLOSED for now?}

    Count me interested
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    Ships Haven Split [Main]

    Enzo threw his phone on the bed next to him after speaking to his parents. It was the first time he had talked to them on the phone in a year. While they had kept in touch in letters while he was in juvie, it was nothing like hearing their voices. His mother was emotional about her son being...
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    Realistic/Modern Ships Haven Split [OOC]

    Was planning on posting today but I had to go into work early, but I will post Saturday for sure, its my day off :)
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    Realistic/Modern Ships Haven Split [OOC]

    Awesome!! Thanks
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    Realistic/Modern Ships Haven Split [OOC]

    @Beauty_Belle how big do you want this rp to be...character wise?? I only ask because I want to put up another cs and I was wondering i what the likelihood of being able to play 2 characters would be
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    Realistic/Modern Ships Haven Split [CS]

    Enzo Gadelha ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ {slide=center | G E N E R A L}[ Name ] Lorenzo Royce Gadelha [ Nicknames ] Enzo [ Age ] seventeen [ Gender ] male [ Sexual Preference ] heterosexual [ East or West ] west {/slide} {slide=center | A P P E A R A N C E}[ Hair ] light brown [ Eyes ] green...
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    The Ressurection Tour - Band RP Interest Check

    I'm so glad to see this revived!!
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    Im intrigued...
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    ── ⊱ king of kings [ closed ]

    could I reserve not just the specific countries since they are all small islands, but the whole Polynesian area as a whole??
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    Good Old Days [Main]

    E T H A N Location: Liv's Driveway Interaction: Audrey + Kiana + Riley Tagging: @Beauty_Belle @Amva27 @Odessa @jesssssmart Ethan smiled and waved to his aunt before getting into the uber he had requested. He really enjoyed the last week he had spent with her and he wished he had more time with...