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    Realistic or Modern Guadians of Justice (OOC)

    its fine.
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    Realistic or Modern Guadians of Justice (OOC)

    ah ok, gotcha.
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    Realistic or Modern Guadians of Justice (OOC)

    Can I be a villain? It would not take the place of the main one but just one to keep things rolling. I could just be a minor villain who sometimes robs banks or something to make things interesting.
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    Fandom  The grand search

    Hello, My name is Titan and I am looking for a few rps to keep me from losing my mind with boredom. I am a literate role-player who can do up to 5 paragraphs and would prefer to be the male in a male X female ship. I am also fine with ghosting so if you don't like the rp you can just leave, no...
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    Advice/Help Nazi-Occupied Britain Roleplay (Plot Help)

    Dude that sounds awesome. I would totally join that rp and I like how it doesn't just focus on America like every piece of WW2 fiction. Would Churchill lead it? Or queen Elizabeth? Also what is the goal here, driving Nazi's away from Britain or collapsing the whole regime Man in the High Castle...
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    Fandom Marvel/MCU partner search!

    pmed you!
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    Fandom Marvel/MCU partner search!

    I like Time in a Tree or Avengers 2.0. I would be fine with doing either depending on your craving.
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I am Smilingtitan and I am looking to role-play Star Wars, AOT, or Marvel.