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    Fantasy I transmigrated into some fairytale, what now?

    [x] At least it was a peaceful death. [x] The Reluctant Princess. [x] Take the tutorial.
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    Fantasy Fairytale Transmigration anyone?

    That sounds like an awesome idea!
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    Fantasy Necromancer's Moon

    [x] Take a moment to look at the Inscription
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    Multiple Settings Throw me a bone? (Searching!)

    Hello, all! I am at work today and it’s going to be super easy and, let’s face it, boring. Normally people would kill to get paid for just sitting here but I cannot! Narcoleptic here, I need to keep my mind going as best as I can so I don’t fall asleep or otherwise! So, what not a better way...
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    Multiple Settings Write or Die!

    Just kidding. BUT, I am looking for a couple of new long-term RP partners as a few of my roleplays have (moment of silence) ended or disappeared. So! That being said, let's get to writing! I love a bunch of different genres and I'm open to pretty much any idea! I can whip up a few ideas to...
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    Multiple Settings So bored, so inspired...

    Hi folks, I have been dying to start a new roleplay, maybe a few. However, many of the ones I start are not going anywhere or I've been ghosted (nice). So, I'm super hoping that someone would be up for doing a 1x1 RP in the PM's with me, I'm into countless genres and I am more than happy to...
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    Finally have time to sit and write... So excited. Keep writing, all, keep your swords sharp!

    Finally have time to sit and write... So excited. Keep writing, all, keep your swords sharp!
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    Fandom In a skyrim sort of mood

    This sounds interesting!
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    Are you alright!!!

    Are you alright!!!
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    Multiple Settings A little viking lore? 1x1

    I have been itching to do a viking roleplay! Not necessarily after the show, although it can be used for inspiration. I love medieval role plays but I was thinking of doing something a little different and this came to mind! Please message me if you are interested or post below if you can’t...
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    Multiple Settings Looking for new RP partner!

    Yes, I actually love apocalyptic settings, and playing multiple people! Will you PM me so we can get something started? :) I’d love to!
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    Multiple Settings Looking for new RP partner!

    Hello! I am pretty new to this site still and am still learning how it works and things. However, I’m really itching to start a new roleplay and I’d like anyone who’s interested to PM me or comment here! I am looking for someone who is able to replrelatively often. I know that life happens and...
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    Happy writing, all! :)

    Happy writing, all! :)
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    Multiple Settings Looking for partners!

    Oh okay! Well that might be interesting! Do you want to PM me? I don’t have the ability yet, I don’t know how I haven’t hit the 10 post mark yet but eventually I’ll get there haha. :)
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    Multiple Settings I’m a newbie...

    Hello! :) I am always looking for new people to roleplay with. I am new here as well so I can’t pm right now but if you want to pm me or chat on here about starting something up, I could come up with a couple ideas if you’d like!