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  • I'm quitting my search for Yu Yu Hakusho after another let down. I think it might be best if I leave the site for a while.
    Been seeing you everywhere and I just want to let you know
    I'm rooting for you to find your Yu Yu Hakusho partner my dude, I hope your dreams come true
    My Roleplaying Character:


    Name: Yuri Kurosawa
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Long and black with bangs
    Eyes: Sweet, curious, and dark blue
    Abilities: Depends on the Roleplay

    Yuri is a sweet but introverted young woman. She lives alone in a quiet neighborhood that is surrounded by the forest. She spends most of her time at home, tending to her spice garden or trying her hand at sewing some clothes that fit her taste, which tends to be on the goth side of fashion. Her favorite types of animals are foxes, snakes and spiders. She listens to music that is a blend of classical and heavy metal. She's not easy to anger, but if one were to succeed, they would be sure never to make the same mistake again. She tends to be a hopeless romantic and finds it hard to connect with the opposite sex. One of her flaws is her tendency to let her curiosity get the better of her which causes her to get into trouble sometimes.
    we give gg yogurt that’s why he’s licking the spoon XD
    My username is for his destructive nature.
    I do not enjoy being ghosted. I will be leaving conversations after a week if I don't hear back. Please just tell me that you don't want to continue. I'm not going to set your house on fire. I'm civil FFS. X.X
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