Hello, everyone. Thanny here, with a myriad of previous names that others may or may not know within this forum. I have participated on NSider2, an older Nintendo forum, and a site called KH13, which followed the Kingdom Hearts series for much of its lifespan. I have a good number of years of roleplaying experience, potentially eight years if I recall right, and I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to come here with this fine nation of creation. I hope to meet, greet, and make new friends here and continue my legacy as a purveyor and gourmand of enjoyment.

I am an amiable individual with a wide variety of hobbies and likes. Some of these likes include reading fiction of various types, writing fiction (not published by any big publishers yet), several video game consoles ranging from the SNES to computer to the PlayStation 3, nature walks, educational and interesting reads, and just chatting with new people.
under the doormat of Time Itself