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    Fantasy Flight of the Phoenix Main

    Lan The city- Interacting with: Various NPCs Someone heavy stepped on his foot. "Watch it fuck face!" He spat- but whoever the culprit was; it was impossible to tell with the swarming crowds. Pushing and shoving in every which way as Lan was dragged along. This ass-water city really needed...
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    Fantasy F.E.A.R Club CS

    AVATAR OF SENSELESS name: Loralai Alice code name: Lilac ( Ly for short ) age: 20 gender: Female pronouns: She/Her sexuality: Lesbian description: A tall woman with cold eyes and colder disposition. style: Simple, casual clothing that is easy to move in and cheap to replace. Dark...
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    Fantasy F.E.A.R Club

    very interested!
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    Fantasy Flight of the Phoenix Main

    Lan Leaving the docks- Interacting with: No one Lan didn't stick around. As soon as the folks who couldn't spread their wings had been helped off of the ship, he turned heel and wandered off to get the groceries sorted before Gray could complain about him ditching the one who's name he forgot...
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    Fantasy Flight of the Phoenix CS

    Name: Lan Clementine Pronouns: He/Him Age: 22 Appearance: He has a small frame, long hair, soft features, and tiny wings with a glow that flickers like candlelight. Only one of his jackets has holes for the wings ( he has 5- all the same )- cuz they are small and best to hide. The wing...
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    Fantasy Flight of the Phoenix CS

    Name: Levin Barran Pronouns: He/Him Age: 20 Appearance: Perfectly unremarkable in all ways except the one's he's changed himself. Other than the scars, tri colored hair, and mismatched eyes he looks pretty boring ( particularly his face ). Even the change to his wings was pretty unremarkable...
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    Fantasy Headhunters IC

    Ambia (NPC) Interaction: Kleo ( @Klown ) " Kleo! " Ambia could feel her tail move, waggong back and forth with an over exited lack of grace; but she wasn't quite sure at what point it had actually begun moving. In seconds ( enough time for Kleo to begin to reach his hands outwards; but not...
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    Fantasy Headhunters IC

    Lan Location: Turtll Interactions: ( Ren @Gao ) , Artemis ( @Cello. ) Mentioned: Gray ( @ BittyBobcat ), Jet (@ ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ) "I would think that not loudly announcing we have one in the first place would be an obvious component, didn't you read the brief?" " Uh, " he had. He had...
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    Multiple Settings Collection of Vibes - Partner Search

    YES i love you
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    Fantasy Written in Sulfur: Demonic Summons

    Ic is now up^^ Fantasy - Written in Sulfur
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    Fantasy  Written in Sulfur

    The building was clean. Official. Stuffy, but only so far as impressions of the staff made it. The AAC was plenty wealthy enough to aford all the airconditioning and circulation any fragile human body could desire. Unless this fragile human body was naturally suseptable to cold. Then it was a...
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    Fantasy Headhunters: Supernatural freelancers

    Bumping in celebration of receiving rp of the month! Applications are still open for anyone that would like to throw their characters in!
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    Newsletter RpNation Newsletter: March 2022

    AHHH Thank you so much again for RP of the month!! My poor little parfait heart is so full of emotions !! <3<3<3
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    Fantasy Written in Sulfur: Demonic Summons

    Givin a lil bump before ic starts ^^
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    Fantasy Headhunters IC

    Lan Location: Turtll with ( Ren @Gao ) , Artemis ( @Cello. ) , Valerie ( @FireMaiden ) Interactions: Jet (@ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ) Mentioned: Peter ( @BittyBobcat ), Arii ( ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ) Lan had yet to be given jack shit about what exactly the plan was- and considering Jet's...