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  • I'll be playing catch-up soon! I am working on a couple pretty big GMing projects that hit all at the same time :v
    Name: Chisa

    Age: 12

    Race: Human

    Ability: Dragon-Blood cursed, though she is unaware. She can heat up or catch things on fire at her touch. She has no control over it as of now, as it follows her emotions.

    Personality: Fear is for survival purposes, she doesn't like to risk things when it might put herself in danger. When she is comfortable in her situation and can relax, her true personality can reveal itself - ?
    Name: Shayne
    Age: ?
    Occupation: Prior Medical Student
    Description: 6' 2", stark white hair and dark grey eyes, toned body
    Personality: Will often put others before himself, even when he should be obviously the one to get looked at. Protective instincts run his actions.
    Mutations: Reinforced Muscular-Skeletal System; Removed Body Limiters; Nerve Control
    Name: Felix Winters
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Lab / Medical Work
    Description: 5' 10", with a slim build. Freckles splash his pale skin. He wears glasses with a simple frame.
    Personality: Distant, examines everything he can. Has a love for expanding his knowledge base.
    Name: Jesse
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Prince
    Description: 5' 11", with a toned build. He has green eyes and long black hair
    Personality: Follows royal protocol, though reluctantly. He finds being the eldest troublesome.
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