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  • Name: Shayne
    Age: ?
    Occupation: Prior Medical Student
    Description: 6' 2", stark white hair and dark grey eyes, toned body
    Personality: ?
    Mutations: Reinforced Muscular-Skeletal System; Removed Body Limiters; Nerve Control
    Name: Felix Winters
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Lab / Medical Work
    Description: 5' 10", with a slim build. Freckles splash his pale skin. He wears glasses with a simple frame.
    Personality: Distant, examines everything he can. Has a love for expanding his knowledge base.
    Name: Jesse
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Prince
    Description: 5' 11", with a toned build. He has green eyes and long black hair
    Personality: Follows royal protocol, though reluctantly. He finds being the eldest troublesome.
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