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    Multiple Settings No Name Nobody

    Hi interested if still available.
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    Multiple Settings Kyr's RP Search for All -- I Mean, Most of the Things

    Hi, I'm interested in doing a Human-turned-Dragon x Rider. If you like angst, you might like my plot. I am semi-literate, currently dealing with internet issues, but that would not stop me from typing up replies that can reach up to 6 paragraphs. Can discuss more in PM if you want to hear more!
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    Multiple Settings Looking for a roleplay partner!

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    LAST person to post is the winner!!!

    imma pretend that i dont have assignments that need to be dealt with.
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    Multiple Settings Bandit's RP search! (MxM,MxF)(Fandoms + OCs)

    Hi there, I am interested in the Popstar x Fan or Hero x Villain. I can write up to 5000 characters** if needed, I am also a big fan of rapid-fire posting because the I thirst for more details, and it kinda is like of a satisfaction for me. I will gladly build the plot along with you, and enjoy...
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    Multiple Settings Hello Strangers, I'm a Cat in a Boot

    Hi, I have a plot you might want to check out.
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    wow healthy snACcz

    wow healthy snACcz
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    Multiple Settings Rowan's Roleplay Search Thread

    Hi, I'm actually trying to send a message but the site says it can't be sent cause of spam-like content. I'm new to this site and I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can I ask if you have a discord and if yes, please send it to me via PM?
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    Multiple Settings Rowan's Roleplay Search Thread

    Hi there, I'm up for some good ol' Forbidden Romance. I have an Original Character made just for that kind of plot. I'm open to FxF, though I prefer MxF (playing as the girl, I've had past experiences of girl roleplayers who harrassed me outside the roleplay and I never got over it.)
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    Multiple Settings Come on in! The plots are pretty fantasy!

    Hi. I'm a bit too shy to post my message here so I sent you a private message!
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    Realistic or Modern Female characters to play a romantic RP

    I'm interested!
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi guys, I'm Eia (a nickname of mine for ooc) and this is my character Sera Quinn! I have been roleplaying but stopped for a year for personal reasons, but I am back with a bANG! I am quite literate, so maybe I fall on the category of being a semi-literate. I can do 3 paragraphs at most, and...