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    Fantasy Only Skin Deep [Suighest]

    The miasma of stress prickled and appealed to the most primordial of instincts and a tension balled in the layers of intricate muscle, rolling under its dense scale structure, the wyvern’s mane of obsidian daggers rattled against his hide, clapping in twisted excitement or in terse warning like...
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    Fantasy Only Skin Deep [Suighest]

    The hulking shape again burst into movement at the shrill sound of alarm, the panic catching like a desert fire. Its long serpentine head snapped around low to the sand, drawing a deep groove in the fetid muck with the angular points that protruded from its wide blunt head. Unlike a dragon it...
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    Fantasy Only Skin Deep [Suighest]

    Large bodies of weakened oaks and their splintered kin littered the shore, waterlogged and rotting amongst the bodies of displaced fish and small animals powerless against the nights twisting gale, the sour smell lifted so far along the shoreline that the sky was almost blackened with...
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    Multiple Settings ⊱ the desperate search for advanced, literate, long-term partners {closed} ⊰

    Hooy there, my name is Sui or Ren and I'm 27! The best city I've been to is probably Edinburgh, I was lucky enough to live there for a while too! I post daily, even multiple times a day if my partners are as active as me; I can't really think of a situation where I might take longer than a day...
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    Multiple Settings  Looking for RP!

    Hey there! You can call me Sui or Ren, or just slap an RP in my face – I’ll be grateful either way! I’m not sure exactly what I’m in the mood for right now, since it’s been so long since I’ve had an RP partner, but half the fun can be working those sorts of things out together, right? I’m...
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    Hi everyone! I haven't had the opportunity to RP in a few years but I used to RP on neopets and trawl the forums for cool themes until I stopped being able to find active ones. I guess at that point I just sort of gave up, but I always have that creative need in me highkey. I'm pretty starved...