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    Realistic or Modern Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains Characters

    Name: Alice Reynolds/"Dream Queen" Abilities/Powers/Skills: Slumbering Gas - Dream Queen can produce a special form of gas from her body that causes others to fall asleep. The potency of the gas depends on how she emits it, as there are two methods she is currently able to use, one she can...
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    Realistic or Modern  Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains

    An RP in which we all try to build a collective universe of superheros and supervillains, similar to the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe, except with only original characters in their own universe. Rules: 1) Please post at least once a week. I myself know how busy life can be, and its fine...
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    Realistic or Modern  Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains Lore

    Lore page for the Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains RP for additional lore outside of the main RP
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    Realistic or Modern  Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains OOC

    OOC for the Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains RP
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    Realistic or Modern  Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains Characters

    Characters for the Universe 9244: Heroes and Villains RP Character Sheet(Not a rigid one, just one to use as a basis): Name: Appearance(Picture or at least 3-5 sentence description): Abilities/Powers/Skills: Weaknesses/Counter Strategies: Backstory:
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    You're right, and I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to act like I could have done better, but I can see that I did. I'm honestly just trying to help, and first thing I thought up was to see what everyone else thought/felt about things first. I should have communicated that correctly, that's my fault...
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    @KnightOfNight @Zerohex @Ixacise @Freshet Thanks for replying back to me and I'm happy to see that everyone pretty much agrees that you cannot simply just talk about one as though it can survive without the rest. I want everyone to know that while I stated myself as a "Co-GM" just then, I'm...
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    Rather than asking everyone individually or stalking your profiles, I'm gonna do a sort of survey so I can understand as a co-gm what everyone likes the most in an RP. Whenever you have time, could you post these in the order of which you care the most about in the generalist way possible...
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    I think I fixed it, if I didn't edit it the way it should have been then I'll keep trying until I succeed \(*^*)/ Also, thanks for pointing out my mistake on that!
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    I'm finally able to come back online. I'm sorry if my post isn't as good, I did it while multitasking on other stuff. xD
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    Fantasy Swords, Sorcery And Whatever That Monster Torching The Town Is

    Slowly regaining her focus on the situation, she was glad to see the main Venti was faltering, and those fighting on the ground were doing well. When some wizard came to them speaking while using some sort of familiar to gesture out, Erina didn't know very much about summoners, and started...
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    Hey everyone, I'm really really sorry for this but I won't be online for maybe a few hours. Family wants to head out the door alnost first thing this morning and not even being told to where. Again, I am so freaking sorry, if I take too long then yall can move Erina around, I had no warning or...
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    @Amaya Himura I was just about to goto bed xDD I'll put up my post ASAP tomorrow morning if that okay with everyone. It's already 11:41PM, and I am the type who doesn't sleep easily QwQ
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    @ColdCash Got it!
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