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  • No context Topaz shitposting.

    Never in my life did I see myself making a wild west dnd setting with relatively historically accurate cowboy knights.
    Woot woot! Bastion's getting a playtest session soon! Got one of the main companion npcs, Topaz, a sheet at long last! And a coherent description for her character!

    Topaz is an occult magewright living in the city of Bastion. Living near the shipyards in the port district, she makes a living serving food and drinks at the Bottom Trough,
    a pub owned by her mentor and arcane-boxing coach, Charles Silverfist. On the side she practices fortune telling and offers a range of minor magical talents to clients looking
    for a magic handywoman.

    Woot! Tomorrow we got our first real session of Sunrise scheduled! Pigmy tarrasque has escaped its enclosure and the drifters are gonna have to bring it back!
    Sunrise is back! And it's gotten a small slice of life in 5e, of all things! Excited to see how it develops in this new form, and to celebrate we got some art made of one of the main NPCs: Sparks the Stage Magician! Artwork by the awesome Moron_Face!

    So the Arcanon project has evolved much in the last few months! Now called Bastion, and it has a golden skeleton pope mom that smells like oranges. No, I don't know how I got to this point. Wish I did, though.
    Happy to say that Arcanon: The Enchanted Moons is now finished, more or less. Just got to get the small details down pat!
    Random update! I finally got this world in a stable place! And it has a name: Arcanon: The Enchanted Moons. It's a post calamity world set among the many moons of Shire, a magical world made entirely out of crystal! Society has formed into a neo-feudal state with the three Great Houses of Valhen, Crales, and Daedor shaping the remains of the Old Kingdom. Also not a human in sight. We got elves, instead. Lots of elves, gnomes, dorfs, some psychic orcs and djinn descendants, and a whole lot more! Might make an rp out of it sometime. I dunno.
    It's taken a few attempts, but I finally got this Topaz peep where I want her in terms of development. Gonna try and do a short with her sometime soon; anyone got any neat ideas as to a job a wannabe witcheress might take on? Haunted laundromat? Ghouls in the basement? POSSESSED FISH?
    The holiday times are upon us! Ending the year with a little group shot of the three main characters of Sunrise: The Far Lands! Art, as always, done by the awesome moronface moronface , check her out sometime!


    Characters are, from left to right: Abby, Countess Greyscale, Sparks.
    So I've now got a cast of peeps for Arcane Horizons, a good sign this project is actually on track to be something of actual significance. Currently the main crew includes Topaz the Dragonborn Street Mage, Miracle Weaver the Half-Elf Theruge, Olaf the Dwarven Artificer, and Bill the Human Lumberjack Monster Hunter. Bill is by far the friendliest of the bunch. There's also a smol kobold who eats your pizza and predicts the future with a bubble bath.
    Topaz has now become my new favorite character to write, likely gonna be getting a story soon! Probably involving a haunted laundromat and a malfunctioning lich!

    Also new art by the amazing moronface moronface , seriously look her stuff up, she's wonderful.
    Finally have some free time from work now, might be getting an XCOM inspired dnd-like world rp thing up soon for the hell of it.
    Lol, can you reccomend any looking for a mainly bard cleric player?
    St. Clover
    St. Clover
    Nope! Don't do any dnd stuff here, unfortunately. All my games are either on Discord or irl.
    Welp i tried
    Even more stuff coming off the presses soon-ish! Had a hit of inspiration this month and started a new project, Arcane Horizons: Backstreets of Starshine! Had the awesome moronface moronface give me a hand with the creative process by doing yet another spectacular job with the protag, Topaz the Occultist Dragonborn!

    Been in a bit of a creative mood as of late, decided to go in another direction and take a break from the Brands for a bit. Instead gonna try something with a less used, but beloved character that originally debuted in an old game of Sunset Legion. This is Countess Emma Von Greyscale, wonderfully rendered by moronface moronface !

    Sparks is soon going to return with a new short! In the meantime, enjoy this little bit of nightmare fuel that my half asleep mind conjured up!

    I've figured out how to describe this world I've been working on. Fallout New Vegas meets DnD meets Treasure Planet.
    I did a new thing! Made this in just thirty minutes from literal scratch, no editing, no nothing. Hope y'all like it!

    So this story's now gotta uhhhhh macaw harpy, thanks to the awesome moronface moronface . Thinking it's going to be set in a little tropical region of this world of mine. Hunting down a cache of ancient technology in the jungles, maybe? Or maybe the buried treasure of a robot pirate? I dunno.

    Had an idea for a Halloween thing. VR Wendigo. It infects a VR system and gradually makes you more and more obsessed with staying online, ignoring your real world needs. Eventually you become completely isolated from the world and stay online near 24/7, until the curse finally reaches its peak. Then your mind is severed and left to dwell in the program, while your body mutates into a new horrific shape, your headset breaks and reshapes itself into resembling a deer skull, and the new monster goes to eat everyone you've spent more than a couple hours with online!
    So I've determined that Sunrise: Sparks of Innovation is gonna draw heavily from Treasure Planet for plot inspiration and whatnot. How it'll do that? Heck if I know, I'm winging this stuff as it goes! But I can tell you it will, at one point, feature a robot armed feline mercenary and questionable disposal of sewage into a magic pond.
    Hey nerds, guess what! I did it! Can I get a cookie now?

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