Soot the Remnant

All things are unique to the time they are established. Like the letter E the first time in this sentence, yeah other E's came after it, but it was the only E of its line.

Listen to the funk music of different cultures, even if you have no idea what the fuck they are talking about.

Eat what you like to eat, no one else gets to digest it for you. Besides, we live for an extremely short amount of time, why let others dictate what little you got, right?

There exist three beings on the corners of time, an elderly pug, a rude duck, and a tired cat. They get to determine what kind of universe appears next after ours is burn to ash in the heat death of entropy.

Love everyone, they need it.
April 13
Somewhere over the rainbow!
Dabbling debutante


In nooks and corners
Cold remains
Flowers of the plum