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    Realistic or Modern Looking for Partners

    I really like Plot #2!
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    Realistic or Modern The Cheetah and The Wolf

    oops looks like someone beat me to it xD that's okay though, maybe I'll bump into you on another thread on here! have fun :P
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    Realistic or Modern Hello Neighbor Inspired

    I will do that! And I don't have discord... I really ought to make one lol I've had so many people ask me that
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    Multiple Settings (canceled)

    I'm interested! :P again, a little rusty and new to this site, but I will try my best
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    Multiple Settings (canceled)

    I'm down! I might be a little bit rusty at roleplaying (haven't done much since Feral Front got shut down) but I'm looking to get into it again. Which of those plots do you have the most muse for atm? They honestly both interest me
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    Realistic or Modern Hello Neighbor Inspired

    This sounds super interesting to me! I haven't seen (read?) Hello Neighbor but I could check it out if needed. The concept sounds super fun.
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    Multiple Settings (canceled)

    Hey! The sci-fi x fantasy and the horror threads both look super interesting!!
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    Realistic or Modern The Cheetah and The Wolf

    Hey! I'm interested!
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    Warrior Cats Warrior Cats - New-ish to the Fandom

    Same here!
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    Warrior Cats FeralFront Refugees And Others Let's Chat!

    Hey all! I'm a Feral Front refugee, my name was Society of Strays on that site as well. It's been a while since the site's gone down but I'm really craving getting back into roleplaying and stumbled across this website :) It looks like there's some familiar usernames over here which I am happy...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! My name is Society of Strays, you can call me SoS or Strays, I'll respond to either :) I'm a FeralFront refugee and am looking for a place to continue roleplaying. I'm not extremely active, but have been roleplaying for years and really enjoy it. I like pretty much all genres - romance...