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  • sorry for the kind pants post trying to keep ic feel free to open the door and we can talk i need more to work with and good last post btw
    sorry for not posting for a while kari says at weekend she might let chars do jobs but in the meantime since i'm your roommate can u post please.
    You're're heart skipped a beat...welcome back...I have missed very much. 
    Just a CS i have been working on

    Name: Human-Devdan Whitmore Creature-Abraxas

    Age: 222

    Race: Again complex but I am both human and... something else

    Appearance: Human-   Creature- 
    (If the creature image doesn't work I placed it as an attachment) 
    Personality- Devdan is a rather cold man with a quick wit. He has seen so much that it has hardened the man making him rather cynical yet his morals and genuine passion for humanity have kept him from becoming completely emotionless. His is quiet the loner in general though he does form friendships he just... doesn't expect them to last is all. He will always try and lend a hand if someone is in need of help however. 

    Abraxas is in contrast a rather... energy filled with a much more wicked sense of humour. He took has seen a lot that rather then harden has give more arrogance maybe not wrongly so but still he does always think he knows best. He prefers to see himself as the guardian of humanity, partly due to seeing himself as better then them thus it is his duty while also having a bit of a caring side. He doesn't mind company as much while also not expecting a friendship to last. He is alot more goal focused though he will help people if he must. Oh yes he also enjoys rhyming.

    Where are they from: Netherfar

    History: Back back many years ago there was a simple young servant called Devdan Whitmore. His job was to serve a court mage who served the grandfather of King Castro. How Devan had a secret magic. Being non-noble he learned it in secret spying on the books of the court mage. Until he was found out. Dragged in changes the court mage came up with a horrible punishment. He sealed something to Devdan something from another world something awful. Then he tried to finish Devdan by throwing him from a cliff. Yet the man found that while injured he wasn't dead. The creature had saved him.

    For years later Devdan and Abraxas learned of there relationship. Of how through two specific phrase the creature or the man would take form, while the other would stay in the mind, waiting to be awakened. They also learned that they could talk through mediation. Through this they learned how alike they were. Abraxas wanted to leave his home land (he has never said were it was, humans know to much already) to go explore the human world, maybe even assist. Devdan wanted to use his knowledge to try and help people through out the land. Through the years he also learned some sword skills. So they explored for many years. visiting most of the kingdoms. There names are know to few and even then they a whispered. 

    The creature and the adventurer recently learned about  Princess Evilin how she has found a secret behind magic. Perhaps that secret could help keep the two apart. Not that they hate each other its just maybe it would be nice to be your own person. They also aren't sure that either of them would survive. Even if she doesn't it may help end this dark plight on the land more then two 'heroes' could ever do. Besides isn't what rescuing princess a hero's job. 

    Magic- Red magic with the Abraxas knows due to were he comes and Devdan form his spying when he was in the kingdom. Fireballs to pillars are  easy to both creature and man. The transformation may be a spell but they aren't sure what to call it. 

    Other- Transformation chant (To Abraxas) Change! Change, O' form of man!
    Release the might from fleshy mire!
    Boil the blood
    in the heart for fire!
    Gone! Gone! the form of man and from the cracks
    Rise, the form of. Abraxas. 
    (To human) 

    Gone, gone O Abraxas
    Once more from the cracks 
    Come the man 
    Knows as Devdan. 
    Whaddya want, kid? Huh? HUH? *Points gun at you* xD Welcome to meh RP :)  Luckily we are still open
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