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    I'm in the process of developing a long lasting story, in fact, the writing process has already begun and yet I could use some ideas as to how to advance/modify the plot. I have a few characters on hand and other ideas that I would like to introduce but in terms of my progress, I haven't gotten...
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    Poetry A Few Poems I have written

    Please, continue sharing your thoughts. I'd like to hear more from you especially since I can relate so heavily to what you're doing. ^_^
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    Literature Warriors | Firestar

    Honestly, the only reason I can't fall in line with him is because of two reasons: 1) I hear him get talked about like he's one of the best cats that ever lived 2) He gets involved with everyone else's problems and works himself in even though no one was addressing him directly I know he was...
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    Thanks for the tip. I have a lot of people to credit but I'll do it.
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    I watch game plays for a lot of the things I'm interested in since I can't play them myself. (Undertale, FNaF, etc.) Afterwards, I come up with characters then I role play them.
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    I do both. This is my first time posting art however and I've only role played Undertale once before but I have been developing characters for it. So far, I only have two but more are to come.
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    You'll get there! :)



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