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    Will you join my RP?

    Will you join my RP?
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    Fandom The Adventures of Whak and Kayo!

    Who wants to join?
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    Fandom  The Adventures of Whak and Kayo!

    Whak is a green-shirted trickster, with a disguise at hand, and a appetite for Munchsters, he is able to overcome any situation! Kayo is an orange-haired friend who follows through with Whak's schemes, and he is always willing to help out! Get ready for their zany adventures! Episode 1...
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    Fandom  Munchsters RP Episode 1: Hillbilly Sillies!

    Watch here for context Whak: The one in the green shirt. Has a Bugs Bunny-like personality. Always can get his way out of any situation. Kayo: The one with the orange hair. Has a Wakko-like personality. Mostly follows Whak on his situations. When Whak and Kayo's Munchsters get taken away by 2...