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    Idas: Song of the Riftsea

    Luna looked at the the oncoming fire and sighed as a wall of stone and bricks erupted from the streets and intercepted the witch’s magic. Golem quite liked being in physical form, besides this town wasn’t to his taste anyway, so it was in his best interests to keep the former mage alive and...
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    Idas: Song of the Riftsea

    Luna didn’t really was not in the mood to deal with a witch or any other crazy situation for that matter. She just wanted to have a nice conversation and be out of there, but there just had to be someone with a similar idea and the local Waygod, had to give some sort of grandiose speech, even...
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    Idas: Song of the Riftsea

    What an disrespectful bunch, first one of their own’s reckless action’s damages another’s property and they dare ask for more? Duyane thought himself as he narrowed his eyes just for a moment his pupils would narrow, looking at the soldiers like a panther ready to pounce, but instead of killing...
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    Idas: Song of the Riftsea

    “You’re welcome.” Duyane responded as he slowly looked over what was scattered across the floor and what was still left on the makeshift stall. Some of the stuff that were being sold he could somewhat recognize, most of the older pieces and even then, they weren’t quite what he remembered. Of...
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    Idas: Song of the Riftsea

    While the festivities gathered plenty of people who gathered for joyous celebrations, but Luna was not. Rather than mingling with the crowd she leaned against the wall in the shadows of the alleyway with a worn traveling cloak on, hiding her face. The only sign that she had been interacting with...
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    Fantasy Idas: Song of the Riftsea (Character Sheets)

    -- Name: Luna -- Age 23 -- Race: Human -- Appearance: —High Concept: Basically an angst character, because you always need one angsty character in a JRPG. -- Personality Luna is a very cold and distant person, often tries to cover up her emotions often, not even flinching towards coming face...
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    JRPG-Inspired Roleplay

    Mind if I join in?
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    Where Remnants Come From {RWBY RP}

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    Fandom Video Game High (Based on Ever After High) OOC

    Judeau, for your post edit it to give me more, because a just a simple name exchange is boring, really boring. Nothing can come out of it than just a “My name is.” There’s nothing else to react to nothing it can evolve to. Give me more background events, more details about your character’s...
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    Video Game High (based on Ever After High)

    Somewhere in the city a group of minor demons would come out from the shadows. Looking for blood and vengeance against the humans who ruled the world that should have rightfully been theirs, the streets would be covered in red, but this was not that day. Crash! A black chopper style motorcycle...
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    Fandom Video Game High (based on Ever After High) Character sheet

    Name: Solomon Redgrave Age: 17 Gender: Male Appearance: Personality: Solomon takes after his father in quite a few ways, mostly due to being introduced to the family business of sending demonic forces packing basically since he was born. He shares the same trademark snark and devil may care...
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    Zoids: Ancident Discovery

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    Zoids: Ancident Discovery

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    Zoids: Ancident Discovery

    Um... can I still use Liger Zero then?