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    Fandom A rough start (Ink Sans x Error Sans)

    The glitch let out a huff, his eyelights rolling. He tried not to let the last comment get to him. "He didn't show up to Nightmare's meeting because he was apparently 'too busy making a friend'. I'll have to keep an eye on him if he's trying to get near Swap Sans of all people." He grumbled...
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    Fantasy The red wolf and the townsmen (M/M)

    This sounds amazing! Definitely something I'd love to roleplay with you, please PM me if you're still looking!
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    Realistic or Modern MxM requests.

    Crime Lord x Mafia Member sounds interesting! Would love to try something like this out with you, PM me if you're still open!
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    Fandom A rough start (Ink Sans x Error Sans)

    Any time that smile was directed towards him, Error's soul skipped a beat. The conversation was nice background noise, and he found himself zoning out. He was relaxed. He wasn't often relaxed. But with Ink, suddenly all of his worries washed away. In the spur of the moment, Error turned around...
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    Fandom A rough start (Ink Sans x Error Sans)

    Error was sitting beside Ink. Well, a few feet away from him. The 'friendship' they had was rocky at best. Quiet moments where they would enjoy each other's company was the closest they would probably get, in Error's opinion. But, despite everything, the glitch couldn't help himself from being...
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    Realistic or Modern My Hero/Heroine

    Totally down to play the hero in your story! The premise sounds really neat, so please PM me if you're still looking!
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    Realistic or Modern Looking for a MxM partner (18+ not welcome)

    Totally down for an rp! I love a good highschool setting, and I'm also a minor. PM me if you're still looking!
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    Multiple Settings LGBTQA+ & Advanced~ {Open}

    Hey! If you're still open, I'd love to do either Serial Killer| Serial Killer's object of fancy or Detective|Serial Killer! I would love to hear your ideas and contribute with my own! PM me if you're interested!
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    Fantasy Looking to do some dark RP

    I have a few monster/paranormal/horror plots in mind I'd love to try with you! A few have some romance though if you're up for it- mostly dark and twisted relationships that stick to horror lmao.
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    Multiple Settings To Play! | Multiple 1x1 Requests

    Serial Killer / FBI Agent and Stalker / Stalked sound really neat! I'd love to rp anything horror or spooky so definitely pm me if you're still looking! I also have a few horror/romance plots of my own!
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    Multiple Settings an apples partner search (Updated 10/29)

    Aye, Captain and Arranged Assassins sound really interesting! Let me know if you're still looking!
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    Fantasy Did someone say dragons?

    Totally down for a fantasy rp! PM me if you're still looking!
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    Fandom Looking for friends to RP with

    Hey! I have a horror/mystery romance plot I've been down to try out for a while so pm me if you're still looking!
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    Multiple Settings Looking for RP friends!

    Hey! If you're still open I have a Horror/Mystery plot I've been down to do for a while! If not I'd love to do a pirate x mermaid, human experiment x human experiment, or alien explorer x human explorer!
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    Fandom Long term partner

    Hey! If you're still looking I'd love to do a Gravity Falls rp with you! Pm me if you're still up for Bill x Dipper rp.