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    Realistic or Modern Looking for Long-Term Advanced (LGBTQ+)

    Bump! (Sorry - Noticed this was less than 24-Hours).
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    Realistic or Modern  Looking for Long-Term Advanced (LGBTQ+)

    Hello Everyone, I am on the search for another role-playing partner who would consider themselves to be "advanced" or "novella" level. By this, I mean I am on the search for someone who is able to write at least five-paragraphs per post and could keep up with my six to nine paragraphs on...
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    Multiple Settings  Fountain of Youth - Seeking Advanced Long-Term Partner!

    Hello Everyone, I will keep this introduction brief but I am on the search for an advanced role-play partner for a variety of themes around age-regression themes in a slice-of-life kind of fashion. I am content with age-appropriate themes and romance where it feels natural. PG-13 of course and...
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    I am not interested, sorry to inform you. It is also the reason I left the request thread of...

    I am not interested, sorry to inform you. It is also the reason I left the request thread of "Wanna RP?!?!??!?!?!" you had made.
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    Age Regression - Mother and Daughter

    @Snowcloud Dreamer I sent you a message, I would love to do this storyline still and keep things more light-hearted and focused on the social and emotional elements :)
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    Multiple Settings Are YOU Advanced? Are YOU Long-Term? Check Inside!

    This remains an active search! Thanks for those who reached out so far, still a few stories to fill!
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    Multiple Settings  Are YOU Advanced? Are YOU Long-Term? Check Inside!

    Hello Everyone, I am on the search for active, long-term, and above all else advanced players. As for a little about myself, I have been writing for a long time (too long sometimes) and my average posts tend to be between six paragraphs to nine paragraphs (1,000 - 1,500 Words). I tend to focus...
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    Multiple Settings  Advanced - Searching for Boyfriend (Unique Twist)

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for an advanced partner (four to nine paragraphs per post) who would be interested in doing a more modern high-school kind of romance storyline. My idea is that my character begins the story as a High School Legend, Captain of the Football Team and what not, as...
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    Multiple Settings  Gender-Bender Storyline (Advanced/Literate)

    Hello Everyone! I am on the search for new partners who enjoy gender-bender and/or age-regression themes: As for myself I tend to write about six to nine paragraphs per post and respond a couple of times per week. I am collaborative and communicative, and I love to brainstorm in OOC Chats as...
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    Fandom  Case Closed Spinoff - Detective of the North

    Hello Everyone, For those who have seen the Case Closed, AKA Detective Conan Franchise: I am looking for a fellow advanced level writer who would be interested in a more original kind of story (see below): Sebastian Storm was hailed as the Detective of the North in Japan, born and raised in...
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    Multiple Settings  From Master to Apprentice (Various Fandoms)

    Hello Everyone, I am typing this on my phone so I apologize for briefness, if there is any interest please send me a private message with your thoughts: Story premise would more or less be as follows that a prestigious man (Wizard, Ninja, etc) has somehow been turned back back into a child...