Sana Natsuko

Sana Natsuko (Under Construction!)

About Me My name is Sana Natsuko and I only recently joined this community to see what I could find. So far it hasn't disappointed, I have met some new people and joined in on some roleplays, as well as this I found this! BBCode, something I actually don't mind doing, its fun to mess around with and see what you can make, thus the reason I am making an about me page using it. At the moment it only consists of a few transitions and mostly colour changes, but I plan to improve in the future. How far in the future? Who knows, I may even completely forget about it, but hopefully it will be when I have more experience and patience than now.

Edit: Unfortunately BBCode+ is disappearing for a while, but that just means we will have to be more creative with how we do things. I have moved my about page to using only BBCode, so no transitions for the meantime. But practice makes perfect! Soon we will be making decent looking pages with the standard BBCode

Personal Interests and Activity
* Playing games
* Coding
* Making games
* Unsocial Social Interaction
* Coding... Wait did I already mention this?