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    Name: Andreea Cojocaru

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    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Questioning

    Born in/Nationality: Transylvania/Romanian


    Andreea has long, straight brown hair that creates small waves at the end and piercing blue eyes. Her soft features and white complexion sometimes indicate that she is a kind, giving soul, but her harsh stances tell otherwise.
    She is tall, a little taller than most girls her age and through exercise and constant training she manages to keep a slim figure.

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    Andreea grew up in a pretty isolated area of Transylvania, almost near the mountains, so most her childhood, and now adolescence, was spent in the woods. Her mother died at birth, and so she was raised by her father. Her father, who loves her dearly, taught her everything he knew from a young age: How to shoot, how to hunt, how to survive in the wild... 
    That lead Andreea to always keep to herself, especially when younger. At fist she avoided big crowds, being used to the peaceful woods, but over time she learned to ease in on people. To any outsider, she'd seem distant and frigid, but to the people who knew her, she was fun and loving and caring.

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    When she finishes high school, Andreea intends on going to university and study Wild Life;
    Although it took her some time and a lot of hard studying, Andreea actually gets a lot of high grades;
    Andreea has never had a significant other or even kissed someone, but that doesn't stop her from questioning what exactly is she into.
    other + extras: Can speak 4 languages (Romanian, English, Spanish and Russian)

    Andreea s a vegetarian, but still helps with all the hunts.
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