Hello! You can call me Rose or Rosebud, and, of course, I am here to create more role-plays and make more friends! My favorite type of role-plays are Anime (specifically Shoujo with some Shounen and a little bit of other stuff), along with JRock and Kpop role-plays.

- We need to follow the RP Nation rules, which means no NSFW content, and even though this site is not PG-13, I'd prefer it if my role-play partner kept it that way.

- Romance is a must and I only do M/F pairings and look to play female. I have rules on doubling and playing male in my role-play search.

- I only ask for a paragraph. I usually post a paragraph or so per character. I prefer to share NPCs though.

- You can find everything else in my role-play search, which I have linked in my signature, and tend to bump at least once a day.

- I look forward to meeting you!




Hello! I am new. Here is my Fandom & Original RP Search. Please have a look, thank you!