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  • I’ve been looking for more band roleplays, that link is for the thread I posted for those to look at and get more information!

    Let me know if anyone is interested!
    What if Stacy’s mom was Jessie’s girl and her number was 867-5309?

    It’s almost 5 am for me and these are the things I think about haha
    I've been really obsessed with Harry Potter lately and when I woke up this morning, I was imagining sharing headphones with George Weasley <3 😍 I think that would be really cute, leaning your head on his shoulder while you listen to music together

    Wow... I sound like I'm writing a fanfiction haha. I'm too in love with the Weasley twins.
    Here to say that fandom dreams are just your brain creating and living through fanfiction and you should totally own that
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