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    Multiple Settings  Redrum's Simple Search

    Hey all! Currently seeking partners for a literate, long-term roleplay. Now, I’m not a super picky partner, but I do require you be over the age of eighteen and have a generous measure of patience (age is a big thing for me because I don't feel comfy writing with minors even though it's fade to...
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    Multiple Settings Thrillers, mystery, and clutch-your-pearls-romance!

    Added pairings, but I'm happy to hear other ideas!
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    Multiple Settings  Thrillers, mystery, and clutch-your-pearls-romance!

    A little about myself: Hey there! I'm a student in my early twenties who has currently been handed a lot of free time and recently rediscovered their love for writing. I do hope to find partners in a similar age pool, I don't really like a large maturity gap. Plus, I enjoy making close friends...
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    Literature Favorite Young Adult Book/Series/Trilogy?

    Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
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    Other What is your favourite accent?

    Russian and French!
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle Because it was long overdue.
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    What song are you listening to?

    Horns by Bryce Fox
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    Other Favorite animals and why?

    Dogs, the sweetest things in the entire world. Soft and lovable. Sloths, very slow, very precious. Ferrets, kinda like cats on crack. cute feet, look suspicious and hunch up to jump around super fast. Fun dudes.
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    Other Why did you pick your name?

    Portion of a character's name from a book that I love to bits.
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    Literature Book recommendations

    Good Omens, Doctor Sleep (if you've ever seen the shining, give this a go), Fahrenheit 451, American Gods. Happy readings!!
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    Tech Share your desktops!

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    Other Who are your top 10 favorite and least favorite celebrities? Why?

    Favorite: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lin is an actual blessing and creative genius. Meryl Streep, seriously a doll. Sigourney Weaver, total bad ass and lovely actress. Susan Sarandon, love her on screen and off. Her history with activism is admirable to me. Lee Byung-hun, gorgeous man and wonderful...