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    Multiple Settings Free for whatever.

    Is there any specific type of roleplay you're interested in trying?
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    Multiple Settings Looking for some cars to add to my writing train! SUPER UPDATED

    Time Traveler x A person from past/future This idea sounds great. I have a few ideas for this as well. For example, the time traveler being from a sci-fi style future, but when he travels through time, he ends up in a historical period of the past. Whether it's medieval ages, wild west...
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    Multiple Settings Partner Search

    I'd love to try a superhero x superhero RP!
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    Fantasy A Literary Adventure

    I find this idea pretty interesting. I've always loved having characters with interesting powers and abilities. And having a school setting would work perfectly for me. I can usually provide anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs per post, so post length won't be an issue with me. PM me so we can discuss...
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    Fantasy OOC supernatural school

    I like the idea of a superpower high school setting. I'm open to giving it a try if you're still looking.
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    Fantasy The Journey from Weeb to Chad CS

    Name: A.M.U.P - 002 / Beta Race: Android Gender: Male Age: 21 Orientation: Heterosexual Rank: None Personality: Beta is a cold and analytic robot. He isn't the best at establishing relations with others, as the only human he ever kept a relation with was his creator before he decided to leave...
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    Fantasy The Hunt for a Waifu (The Journey from Weeb to Chad)

    Still room for one more player? This honestly sounds very good! I already have a few characters planned for this. Seeing how there's going to be a mage, mystical creatures, a robot girl and more, this seems like a roleplay where I can really get creative with my characters. Where do I sign up...
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    Fantasy Seven Seas - Pirate crew?

    Pirates? Arr! Sign me up sailor!
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    Multiple Settings | Laverna's Partner Search |

    I'm interested in starting a roleplay with you. I can provide anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs per post, and will usually try to mirror your post length. I'll never provide a one-liner. I'm generally very active (daily for the most part), but can adapt to lower activity levels if necessary. I only...
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    Viewpoint Unpopular roleplay opinions?

    Here's a few of my own: -I don't like age limits. I understand why some people use them, but still, i personally wouldn't ever add an age restriction to my interest check (If i had one!). Though that might be connected to how I usually keep my RPs PG rated myself. But if it's about how mature...
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    Multiple Settings Many Original Ideas and Fandom Ideas (see if there's something for you!)

    The PM has been sent. I hope you're interested in what I have to offer.
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    Multiple Settings Looking for a few 1X1

    I'm always in for a good enemies to lovers plot!
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    Multiple Settings Many Original Ideas and Fandom Ideas (see if there's something for you!)

    I'm interesting in trying a modern or a sci-fi roleplay. I've got lots of ideas.
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    Realistic or Modern MxF High School Romance RP

    I'm interesting in roleplaying a highschool romance roleplay. Message me so we can discuss details and plot.
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    Fantasy Free State High School CS

    Crystal manipulation? I didn't see anyone with a kink exactly like that one. Is that a problem?