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    Fantasy [cBn] KV_OOC

    I am so sorry for going ghost. Super sorry, folks
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    Fandom One Piece Intrest Check

    Oh interesting; can ya tell him some details about regarding your RP. - Aside for One Piece... What can I ask about it?
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    Multiple Settings Primula's Pilot Survey (Completed)

    I gotchu - Viking Squad, All-Day, 'very-Day, Baby! - Nothing but Big W-Squad is gonna be rolling through these worlds, yo.
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    Multiple Settings Primula's Pilot Survey (Completed)

    Interest Check; Is this open?
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    Fantasy T R O I A: Slayers vs Whisperers [Interest Check || CLOSED]

    Ayo? - Big Interesting? - Big-Hype? - Big Happy - May I join up if open, please?
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    Fandom One Piece Intrest Check

    Ayo? - Opening, Plz?
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    Fantasy For Astoria! - (Reboot)

    Noice... I'd like to join if I could.
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    Fantasy The Curse-breakers Union

    Ayo... Wassup.
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    Fantasy Zodiac OOC

    Guys - I'm super sorry but i can't continue this RP (even though; I dropped one post.) Still; I am thankful that I could join and I hope that you find someone to fill my shoes. Have Fun & Enjoy yourselves.
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    Fantasy Zodiac OOC

    Sorry for being so inactive; everyone.
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    Fantasy Zodiac OOC

    No hurry.
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    Fantasy Zodiac OOC

    Yep but give Yuri a ping cause we still have spots.
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    Fantasy Zodiac OOC

    It's quiet - Also; Hi.
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    Fantasy Zodiac Patrons

    The Year Of 1678 - A time where a great meeting would come to pass. 12 Individuals' that were stated to be chosen by powers' of above; granting them attributes of myth. Strength that exceed that of mighty beasts, speed that turn them from still-figures to blurs in ones' sight and some which...