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    supers maybe??

    Like Sherwood, I have never played this system. Would you have a problem with having a couple of newbies to the game?
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    Chapter Eight: Drake's Dream!

    Toph fires off a quick glare at Mario when he puts is input in and it is not to go get the Ice-9 for her mother, but as she listens with her analytical side of her brain, she has to admit that the tanker has several good points. Her expression softens as she drops her head down, then she nods...
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    Dice Coalition Wars - OOC Thread

    <facepalm> Ah, crap. Make one teeny mistake, and now I'm gonna hear about it forever. Sigh. Seriously, thanks for spotting that, Sil. I'll fix the post now.
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    Coalition Wars - IC Thread

    It takes a good part of a half hour to get the Gloria hooked up to the other transport and get it pulled out of the trench it had fallen into, all the while the two groups of soldiers keep their eyes peeled, looking for more trouble that might be dumb enough to rear its ugly head. Good fortune...
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    UEEF - The Shadow Chronicles - IC Thread

    Motoko snaps to attention as the Commander leaves the room, then relaxes as soon as she is out of sight. "Well, I guess we have our marching orders. Time to go and make sure our mecha are all set to rock and roll." She pulls out her data tablet and begins to push buttons on it, signalling to...
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    Chapter Sixteen: On the Road Again!

    Oreleth nods. "Of course we can. It sounds like he was an integral part of your team, and I see no reason why we can't help him out. I am curious as to why he used such a obscure method for sending a message. Why not just write it out on a piece of parchment? Either way, let us investigate."
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    The Force of Justice - IC Thread

    Perception roll of 13- coming up
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    supers maybe??

    lol Let me look this over and I'll let you know.
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    The Force of Justice - IC Thread

    Deb pauses, then nods. "Yeah. Staying here and keeping an eye on Rebecca and getting more from her is a good idea. If you need anything, give us a holler on the team communicators. I got to go. Be careful, ok? I would hate to discover something bad happened here after I left." She then...
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    Dice The Force of Justice - OOC Thread

    That works for me, as long as it is ok with Quick.
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    Trial by Fire - IC Thread

    Spider goes to this feast with the full intent of stuffing herself and having a good time, looking to see just what kind of welcome that Rory's people can put out for them. She then says, "Ok, no violence, except in self defense. I can go with that. Maja does raise a good question, though...
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    Rifts Adventure IC

    Terra settles down into one of the soft, plush chairs with an audible sigh of contentment. Man! I could get used to having a place like this! So nice. She then says, "I would enjoy a warm brandy if you have it, sir."
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    UEEF - The Shadow Chronicles - IC Thread

    Motoko nods. "Crystal, ma'am." She is already running through her Alpha's ordnance loadout to see what she is going to request before they launch. OOC I'll go with a full load of short range HEAPs. What kind of Cyclones do we have?
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    The Force of Justice - IC Thread

    Once Chaser and Luminary are at least somewhat alone in the hall, she whispers to him, "It sounds like we are dealing with agents of the group known as Genocide. The prisoner has mentioned that he was sent by someone calling himself the White King, and according to Blue Bolt, that is the leader...
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    Dice The Force of Justice - OOC Thread

    I'll post IC in a moment.