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    Fantasy The Queen's Madness OOC

    I'm considering creating a race, but don't want to make it too convoluted. In my research, I've noticed that some races' existence relies on being from certain areas or dimensions. If we were working in a certain world, I would want to mold it to that. This is my inspiration for a character at...
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    Fantasy The Queen's Madness OOC

    Hello! Currently trying to think of a cool character to add to the mix. Everyone else's look amazing so far! Are we playing a certain world, or is it more open-ended?
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    Fantasy The Queen's Madness

    I've been super craving a good fantasy rp. Do you have room for one more?
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    Fantasy Somebody date my grouchy boi [Closed]

    I am also interested :) I have a character sorta sketched out but I do have questions about worldbuilding
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    Multiple Settings Searching for *Long Term* RP Partner.

    Hi! I realize this is a pretty old post but if you're still looking for someone, maybe we could work together? (Sorry I see you're telling everyone to PM you but I have a hard time just sliding into people's DMs haha. Social vampire and all that.)
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    Fantasy Will save the day for <3's. (Rp page)

    Jordan fought the urge to tug the strings of her hoodie closed and hide from the eyes of various hotshots strolling through the Tower's lobby. She was pretty sure this was the fanciest building she had ever stepped foot in and was positive that she didn't belong here. The scuffs on her combat...
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    Realistic or Modern Echoes of Colors Past: A Modern Highschool Tale.

    Hey! I'm interested; is there room still available?
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    Multiple Settings Advanced Lit: Medieval AU M/F [Updated 10/09]

    I have to say, I agree with everyone else. Your writing is wonderful! I went through a lot of writing workshops in college and your samples bypass anything I saw in those classes by far. I'm very jealous ;)
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    Fantasy OOC - The Crafters & The Black Veil

    @A-MankyBee is everything alright, love?
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    Fantasy OOC - The Crafters & The Black Veil

    I'm good either way :)
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    Realistic or Modern ♡ — sweet days. (character sheets)

    ❤ Hana Summers ❤ (for sake of clarity, important details are in green) ♡ race/ethn.: White/Japanese (half-Japanese, half-American) ♡ age: 23 ♡ birth date: December 3 ♡ gender: female...
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    Realistic or Modern ♡ — sweet days. (open)

    Well I have my girl character but I'm not sure if I want to submit since there are so many people already 😯
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    Fantasy OOC - The Crafters & The Black Veil

    I'm still interested in continuing ~
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    Realistic or Modern ♡ — sweet days. (open)

    Never tried a romance RP before. Interested!