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  • I'll be try to respond to everything when I have time, it's been extremely busy for me as of late and I've been having to move and reorganize things, etc.! I've not forgotten anyone nor am I just ghosting intentionally!!
    Heads up to all my RP Partners!

    Yesterday I took in an injured dog at my grandmother's insistence that I don't exactly have the means to pay for a vet but luckily I have the training of a vet tech to do what I can until I can figure something out. Anyways, I have to juggle the care-taking of this new dog while keeping him isolated from my other two and the cats (which isn't easy with my set up) so please hang in there if my responses are slower than slow!
    Hey everyone!

    I'm gonn be Uber busy the next few days and weeks so my activity is going to be slower. I'm still interested and I WILL work on getting responses out between the days, but summer is my busy time!

    I wanted to let everyone know that I may be not super online from November 9 - November 13. I will be hopefully on vacation!

    Guys I am super busy half of the time and I try to get online to RP when I have time. I DO check everything but I don't always reply right away.
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