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    Multiple Settings 1x1 roleplay

    It’s fine. Good to hear from you.
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    Fantasy Hello everyone :) (for fantasy and realistic or modern)

    Ok just be warned I’m not good at descriptive rps.
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    Fandom Marvel: X-Men or Agents of SHIELD RP?

    I would do Scott X Jean or Logan X her.
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 roleplay

    A open plot?
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    Fandom Looking for a few fandoms!

    I am interested in a resident evil rp.
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    Multiple Settings 1x1 roleplay

    I would do Resident evil.
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    Fandom Does anyone rp Final Fantasy anymore?

    Hey, I would be interested in rping final fantasy with you.
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    Fandom Star Wars rp

    -///—/—/—/ Luke looked at the lion and smiled, “wow! What a find! How did you find that Lion? Amazing!” Luke then felt something in the force. He could feel Kittani and her students looking for him. Although Ben would eventually find them.......he had to help train the children and train his...
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    Fandom Looking for a partner

    Hey, I’d be down for legend of Zelda.
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    Fandom Sup', 1x1 Partner Search

    Hey would you be interested in a Legend of Zelda rp? if we do a relationship MXM is eliminated I’m sorry I’m not comfortable with that stuff.
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    Fandom Resident Evil (accepting members)

    Sounds fun. Could I be Jakey? (Jake Muller)
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    Fandom Star Wars rp

    Luke smiled a lot at this and looked at him then returning to reality, “oh yes. We shall prepare for my other student and her padawans. Kitanni is my favorite student, was next to Ben. Until he destroyed my jedi temple and I-“ Luke choked the words out, “before I sensed something in...
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    Fandom Star Wars rp

    “Calm,” Luke spoke to try and clear his mind, “you had been born with a connection to the force........the force is in you, here watch.” Luke lifted a rock holding his hand out. The rock was medium size and he put it on the ground and put another rock on it. Luke then looked at him, “hold your...
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    Fandom Star Wars rp

    “Looking for a female Jedi named Kitanni,” Luke spoke calmly, “have you seen her?” Luke then nodded to him, “I can sense the force in is rather hidden since you haven’t found it for a while. Will you let me teach you the ways of the Jedi?” Luke looked at him seriously and gave a...
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    Fandom Star Wars the war of the galaxy