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    Fantasy 🐺✨ Wolf roleplay ✨🐺 (closed)

    Stepping past him the she-wolf huffed. “And why did you leave then?” She asked, turning back to look at him. “I would stay if my brother was not alpha. I assume your reasoning may be similar?” She growled, giving him a glare. The white wolf lowered her head before sighing. “I’m sorry if that...
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    Fantasy 🐺✨ Wolf roleplay ✨🐺 (closed)

    Feeling awkward after the other wolf stepped back Aniu’s ears dropped, she could tell that he was not very pleased by her scent. “I am actually trying to leave the pack. My brother is in charge now and he is cruel.” She said, trying to explain herself. She hoped that was enough to get him to...
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    Fantasy 🐺✨ Wolf roleplay ✨🐺 (closed)

    Feeling the jaws of the darker wolf tighten around the scruff of her neck Aniu let out a small yelp, his teeth were sharp. “I’m sorry...” she mumbled, struggling to stand up. “It’s just really cold!” Once she was able to stand on her own she shook her entire body, flinging some of the freezing...
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    Fantasy  🐺✨ Wolf roleplay ✨🐺 (closed)

    Swiftly running through the snow covered forest a white she-wolf made her way through the underbrush, dodging trees as she ran. It was a cold morning, sunrise had just passed and Aniu was making her way out of her now former pack’s territory. “All I have to do is get past that River...” she...
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    Multiple Settings The Ultimate Search [Long-Term Partners] [Plots and Pairings]

    Hi! I would be interested in doing a werewolf/werewolf plot with you! My replies tend to be 3-6 paragraphs long and I am usually available to reply most days of the week since I work part time only.
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    Multiple Settings Wolf roleplay - adventure/slight fantasy roleplay

    Absolutely!!! Feel free to send me a PM
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    Fantasy Hard time Finding Wolf RPs

    I would absolutely love to do a wolf rp with you!! <3 I am also an experienced roleplayer and am having trouble finding wolf rpers ;w;
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    Multiple Settings  Wolf roleplay - adventure/slight fantasy roleplay

    Hello! I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a wolf themed roleplay with me. I don't expect a whole 6+ book for replies, but I do like to have an RP partner who is able to write a decent chunk for me to work with :3 In this world different kinds of crystals hold different kinds of...
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    Digital Art dump of my feral animal characters

    ooof I don't do much digital art so a lot of these are months apart :') I need to take photos of my traditional art.
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    Digital  Art dump of my feral animal characters

    The white wolf is Aniu Moon and the red kitsune is Narerusca then I have character sheets of my other wolfsonas the palomino mare is Stormy, the buckskin foal is Ginger, and the dappled one is Thunder :3 I do have bios for each one of them if you ask <3
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    Hi I am Roo! That is short for Narerusca :3 I haven't roleplayed in a while, but I was really active on different sites for about 6+ years. Some of my roleplaying/fandom interests are,,, warrior cats, anything wolf related!!!, lord of the rings, venture bros, spirit stallion of the cimaron...