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  • "I saw horrors roaming free in jungle.
    Stuck in terror, shaman's locker.
    I saw creatures carve my name on totems.
    Stuck in dreams outside of myself..."

    Carvings ~ Orbit Culture
    "We will drown, we will drown.
    Into this love, into this love.
    We may decide.

    We will drown in this love.

    Until the End ~ Entwine
    Ah, fallen between the cracks.
    Forgotten and left to die.
    The right time and place.
    Disdained, neglected.
    The place is yet familiar.

    I remember.

    ~ CiRcLeS...
    "All the stupid lies and the stupid games.
    Left a vacancy in this picture frame.
    A prisoner by my own hands.
    'Cause if I can't have me, then no one can..."

    Masterpiece ~ Motionless in White
    "Good hunter, let me free you from this evil.
    I devote my life to sustain the Dream.
    Oh, the insidious moon.
    Oh, these mysterious nights.
    Great One, look upon me and grant everlasting

    ~ The First Hunter...
    "Buried under dirt, a diamond in the mud.
    Infinity is waiting there 'cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral..."

    Animals ~ Architects
    Link: Sleeps


    Link: Rolls over

    Navi: Gets triggered. Grabs Link by the ear and drag him off the bed.

    Link: "Oww! What the hell?!?


    Link: "What's that? The Great Deku Tree sent you for me?

    Navi: "HEY, LISTEN, HEY, LISTEN!!"

    Link: "What's that? The Great Deku Tree wants to meet me???"

    Navi: "HEY, LISTEN, HEY, LISTEN!!!"

    Link: "And... WHAT'S THAT?!? The Great Deku Tree was cursed by the evil king Ganondorf and the Great Deku Tree wants me to undergo a test of courage to break said curse to see if I have what it takes to venture across and save the land of Hyrule?!?"


    Link: "Five more minutes..." Crawls back onto the bed to sleep well into the afternoon.

    Navi: Triggered with a muffled buzzing noise.
    "Seek out my heart
    Seek out my soul
    Find my truth
    For you know"

    My Will ~ Aleah
    Green, yellow, and red.
    As time flows past the tree branch.
    The curtain closes.
    "In those days, nickels had pictures of bumble bees on 'em. 'Gimme five bees for a quarter!', you'd say." ~ Abe Simpson
    The grey canvas moves.
    Concrete and lifeless trees stand.
    Shades of orange drop.
    A bird rests its wings.
    The horizon's beauty calls.
    It makes birds weightless.
    Dim street lights flicker.
    Never stray from watching eyes.
    Walk the path meant to.
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