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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - Open

    Sahak paused with his spoon halfway to his mouth and furrowed his brow in thought. "I...have no idea. You mean leather, yes? Because it is toxic to horses. To all animals, really." He hoped she meant leather. Surely a funeral director, or whatever she was, would have some knowledge of poison...
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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - Open

    It was good stew. Sahak took another sip and raised his eyebrows. Very good stew that settled warm in his stomach, and just having enough to eat settled his nerves at being so far from anything familiar with so many strange people. “It’s delicious,” he told Talia and Inyri. In all fairness...
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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - Open

    People began to cluster around the campfire, lured in by the smell of cooking rabbit. Most of them, Sahak couldn't help but notice, were extremely tall. Had there been some sort of height requirement that the caravan leader had neglected to mention to him? He moved aside to make room for the...
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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - Open

    Sahak took the ladle and stirred. "We're already the furthest north that I've ever been. I am just glad it's summer." He'd heard about snow at length ever since Ara had begun going to school, but had no desire to experience it for himself. "What is it that your family sells?" He hadn't seen...
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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - Open

    This was why he didn't do small talk. Sooner or later, people asked questions that had no honest and comfortable answer. "Steady pay," Sahak said with a shrug. "I am a healer, but there are plenty of healers in Windnesse, and thank the Goddess very little disease. Here, I am paid for the season...
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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - Open

    The caravan had plenty of medicine for now, but it was never too early to start foraging. When the caravan had stopped, Sahak searched the banks of the river for useful plants. Or useful plants that he recognized, anyway. There were many he’d never seen before, and would only be more the...
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    Fantasy Bow to the Matriarchy (High Fantasy RP)

    Can I reserve the middle elf prince?
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    Fantasy The Blue Caravan - A Mercantile Misadventure

    I’m interested! Do we post character profiles here?
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    Fandom Take a chance, roll the dice!

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    Fandom Looking for a Longterm roleplay buddy for My Hero self indulgence!

    Hey, I’d love to hear about your OCs! DM me!
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    Fandom  Take a chance, roll the dice!

    TL;DR: Looking for a Critical Role RP, mostly Campaign 2. Infrequent but quality posts. I'm Noam, and like the title says, I love the internet show/podcast Critical Role, and would be super interested in doing an RP set in Exandria. I'm 24, live in the EST, and use they/them pronouns. I work a...
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    Seeking a DM! Play by post.

    Hello! I'm a DM who would love to run LMoP or Waterdeep. I don't know Sunless Citadel, so I'd have to familiarize myself, but I could be down! My evenings are booked right now so play by post would be perfect. Let me know if y'all are still looking.
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    Text DND or DND-esque World

    Hey, are y’all still looking? I’m a DM who doesn’t have time for a full campaign but would love to run something like this. Message me if you’re interested.
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    Dice Curse of Strahd - OOC

    I'd like to proceed into the south room, the one that looks like some kind of living room @WlfSamurai . And I want to look for any signs that the paladin might have come through here--disturbed furniture, etc. Is that perception or investigation?
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    Curse of Strahd

    Ozil followed the others into the room, glancing around. It seemed an ordinary home--nice enough, with all the portraits and the stained glass. There were no ominous ghostly noises or spooky mists or anything that he would have expected from a haunted house. There was also no knight waiting for...