About me: Hi! You can call me Namazu (he/him/they/them). I'm a veteran roleplayer of a little under 20 years. I'm almost always open to new RP with other writers like myself, and I'm excited to be nerding out with you on Discord about our story.

General Preferences: I consider myself a literate writer with a preference for at least 2-5+ paragraphs in a standard post. Setting a scene or describing a new area, I can write much more to paint a detailed picture for readers. I strongly prefer to roleplay with other 18+ mature drama-free literate writers. I aim to try and get 1-2 posts out a week, depending on how busy I am and the pace of our RP, but will communicate if something comes up. My RP and characters are LGBTQ-friendly. Most of my characters are or will be of the LGBTQ variety. I usually prefer group RP, and aim to make sure everyone is equally involved in the plot.

Setting/Genre Preferences: I'm a big fan of apocalypse, dystopia, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, occult, and dark fantasy settings. I love homebrew settings and I'm a chronic worldbuilder - if you ever want a partner to assist in fleshing out your lore, let me know!

I prefer storylines that contain drama, action, politics/plotting, and complicated relationships/romance between characters or groups. I don't particularly enjoy roleplay focused solely on slice of life with nothing else.

I only write original characters, not canon characters, since I usually have more ideas for OCs than I know what to do with at any given point in time.
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