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  • Random Happy:

    BUILDINGS! *Punches through a building*
    MOUNTAINS!! *Kicks through a mountain*
    Friend: "Can you crush my sadness?"
    Me: *Gently pokes their nose* Boop~ :P
    So, due to recent events, my step-father being who he is, and the fact I have become a grown-ass member of society, I am highly liable to be leaving RPN in the near future.
    For one reason or another.
    But if I do, I'll say this now, love you guys, you're great, and I'll miss you.
    Khajiit 101: Guards!

    Bleh! Guards… Spoilsports, always ending the fun or catching you during it……
    But Khajiit have ways to deal with them!! 1.) Be EXTRA sneaky~ 2.) Always have lots of Money to bribe them with! 3.) Know someone with a lot of pull who you can mention.

    4.) Go on a Guard murder-spree!! >:D
    Khajiit News:

    Your local Half-Khajiiti info-person is gonna actually make one of his RP Ideas, cuz I actually have a starter ide for it!! -Happy derp face-
    Khajiit Fact:

    Khajiit don't always talk in the third person, like us half-breeds for instance. We only do it on rare occasion… Then again I was raised by a Breton and a Khajiit…
    Modern Khajiit:

    "Being asked if I speak Cat is a bit of a pain… I mean, I don't look one bit like-" *Housecat mewls* "Shut up, you have food…"
    I'm not Khajiit and I talk to my housecat like that..
    *Modern Khajiit is not present to reply to this message. Half-Khajiit Info person will handle*

    Well I'm sure most people do either way. But I personally think Khajiit can understand the tones and such of Feral feline speech.
    So they have more of a understanding right off the bat.
    Khajiit 101: Tails!

    Khajiit have fuzzy tails, unlike the Dragon-like Argonians that are all scaly.
    This offers a few advantages such as better balance.
    But one unknown one, is the ability to hide small weapons or items in one's tail fur, allowing one to never truly get disarmed. Also allows for more chances at escaping a cell If claws aren't cutting it…

    *Ba dum tsss*
    Khajiit fact:

    Shaky Khajiiti do not always have a Skooma or Moon Sugar problem, some of us are just cold, or scared… Or adjusting our stance to prepare for a pounce.
    Khajiit 101: Magics!

    This one specifically does not fancy the magics, aside from one specifically in the illusion tree...~ -Turns invisible-
    Khajiit 101: Picking pockets!

    It is best to have a distraction whilst picking the pockets of your targets! The young ones work very well in this one's opinion, Khajiiti Kittens are the best at this, none can resist such a face~
    Anyone else like when it's gloomy outside and the sun isn't shining? Cuz I LOVE IT!!

    I like bad weather, don't judge me >->
    Heh, I just like it cuz I just love bad weather, I love it when it rains or snows or thunders
    Not a fan of snow. It takes me a bit. But I love stormy weather and shiz
    I do like the occasional rainstorm, as some days it just fits.
    But recently it's been raining too much. X_X I feel like we've hardly had sunlight. It's taken a toll on my emotional state.
    Reasons why I don't like talking about problems with family & only do so with friends:
    Never said it was right to say it either did I? Yeah hypocritical.

    2. Friends aren't going to show up hours after the discussion of the problem to lecture you.
    Friends don't control you when it goes against who you are either but you're fine with that apparently
    -Shrugs- I'm weird
    From now forward, if you wish to speak with me. Do refer to my "About" section, apologies for anything I participated in, your feelings are well placed.
    Oh also. I'm taking a break from RPN for an unknown amount of time.
    The thing that has haunted me most:
    The moment in the movie Noah, where the boat I see made and the world is flooded, but you get to hear the screams of those outside the ship.

    It is one of the few things that honestly horrified me.
    I can't think of anything positive quote-wise today... Sooo....

    -Gives out hugs and friendly kisses- Chu are worth it~
    I shall contribute positivity!

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.
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