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  • *A strange bartender appears…

    “All clothing items are technically a Top or a Bottom, sure there are variants, but it all comes down to brass tacks in the end.”
    "How else they able to show you don’t really need anything else?"
    Neko... Go home, you're drunk.

    “That’s my secret Daisie… I’m always drunk.

    But it is late and I do probably need sleep…… I probably meant to put a ‘that’ in there somewhere.”
    Yeeeaah you didn't even explain why it's a top. And gave me a cocky remark which I don't appreciate.

    * Daisie slides the butterbeer back to you.
    If I were drunk in a room of everyone I ever loved, and everyone that ever loved me. Whose arms would I run and fall into?
    And even then, who would still catch me?
    The Mechanist
    The Mechanist
    Probably mine since I’m the big brother type
    That seems more a “Who would grab me and hold me to keep me from doing something possibly stupid whilst drunk?” Situation more than anything else.
    But I respect that.
    Stepping out into the night as it snows with large flakes falling slowly down towards the Earth as the world is silent of all noise aside from yours is just stepping into an entirely different dimension.

    Change my Mind.
    Anyone ever remember my Neko Butler Picture phase?
    About to go Fancy Neko Phase… With Vampurr acting tossed in >:3
    I was just given a choker with a little bell on it, have the proper clothes… Heh-heh~
    *Nekoshu sits in a corner quietly.

    Sup guys happy Thanksgiving if ya celebrate!
    But if you ain’t got one or don’t like it, or don’t celebrate it, feel free to join me because I hate any and all types of familial gatherings that involve my Step-Father.
    *Sitting with a laptop, headphones around his neck.

    *Your action?
    *Nekoshu appears wearing an elegant, golden, Masquerade Mask.

    I am going to a surprise party tomorrow night for a friend, and it’s Masquerade!
    *Nekoshu is bunkered down in a cardboard box fort.

    If I manage to survive work in 2 days, Black Friday. Without panicking or anything, I am a god.
    *Nekoshu looks solemn.

    So since I don't have normal news access, I was just informed about the passing of Stan Lee.
    Excelsior my good man.
    *Nekoshu has appeared.

    You ever learn about something and want to punch someone so badly because they are what the thing is about?
    To say the least a certain step-mother of someone I love who I thought was nice for a bit, needs to get her ass laid out
    *Nekoshu appears tiny and with wide eyes, much like a Chibu

    I swear I ish a kid again, I let da dog out and… I just see the white on the ground. The first snow~ I forgot how the amazement worked and just… wow. It was like it was actually my very first snow.
    *Nekoshu is hiding under a box.

    My mind is too imaginative and I am too paranoid. That or when I let my guard down I see things for longer that I usually only see for a split second and I don’t like it. Especially when driving at night. =•=
    *Nekoshu lays down the truth

    There is a person I pass by every time I go to work who still has their Halloween decorations out, they are my hero.
    “Everyone wants to be a hero! What makes you any different?!”
    “… Nothing. But I-“
    “Exactly! Nothi-“
    “AND THAT IS WHY I WANT TO BE! Because I know everyone has dealt with what I have, and if they haven’t then I have to make sure they won’t! So don’t tell me I can’t! Because I have to… I have to.”
    *Nekoshu appears in a time of troubles to speak words of wisdom…

    Every day is Halloween if you don’t care what others think.
    *Nekoshu has appeared!!

    So! I honestly feel like I might just fade to participating in one RP or maybe running one easy one and then just messing around and writin short stories… don’t feel up to much else… Dun hate me I have reasons
    Lol, why'd anyone hate ya for that? You do you kitty XD
    I dunno maybe someone was looking forward to an idea I had for an RP.
    *A Horde of Undead appear!!!

    *Nekoshu steps out from among them… They start doing the Thriller Dance…

    *A hand bursts from the earth!!!

    *Nekoshu has resurrected!
    *Nekoshu hangs from a tree…


    If anyone notices the picture and realizes it as my Ekoshun picture Donny worry I’m good. Just turning Emo fully finally :P Hence the title change as well~

    Mini freak out

    Lost my wallet, somebody has it. How do I know? My debit card was in it and somebody deposited money into it in another state sooo…
    Doing so right now, things moved, card to be canceled in next few days. So yeah
    I guess on the silver lining, at least it was a debit card and not a credit card...otherwise things could have gotten real ugly...
    Yeah but umm… I had more in there too… Things I gotta replace soon
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