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  • I'm back! Should have replies out within the next few days, sorry for any delays! Happy summer!
    I was planning on getting responses out this weekend, I really was! I had it all planned out! Turns out, this weekend ended up not belonging to me at all! I will have all responses out sometime this week, I promise!
    If I am somewhat tardy in responses these next two weeks, it is finals time. So I will be a bit preoccupied attempting to not fail...but I shall try to be as prompt as possible!
    A Trash Goblin
    Good luck on the finals!
    I'm so sorry for any inactivity or bad writing this week. If anyone wants me to completely change a post up, I totally can. It's a weird week for me. <3 much love.
    I promise I'll be putting replies out in a few days. I fear my brain is ineffectual at present. Given a few full nights of sleep I shall be able to get back to it. Thank you for your patience!
    Forgive me, I am bad at the "make the post look aesthetically pleasing" bit. Computers are not my strong suit...
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