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    Multiple Settings Take two! (updated 19th February)

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    Traditional Notebook doodles

    Been in a bit of a weird mood today. Guess that's what I get for reading really sad stuff.
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    Journal A collection of essays (sorta)

    An essay about love. Love is a weird thing. An odd feeling. Not that I would know. I hear other people talking about it though. Kinda impossible to avoid, especially since we are bombarded with it every day. I see people kissing in the hallways, come home to a marathon of romantic comedies on...
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    Traditional Notebook doodles

    Tiger proportions using a reference:
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    Traditional Notebook doodles

    Tried using a picture reference. It's the best face I have ever been able to do! The hair is definitely an improvement. Gonna have to practice the eyes and shadows though. As always, help and comments are appreciated~
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    Looking for Writing buddies!

    I'd love this so much <3
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    Traditional Notebook doodles

    So I tried my hand at doodling a face and it turned out half decent. Whaddaya know, when you draw every day you improve. Go figure. On a slightly more serious note, I would love some constructive feedback. While I have improved a lot, I still can't see exactly what is wrong and how I can...
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    Mata's OCs

    Some Tokyo ghoul OCs~
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    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Bathtub jail
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    Multiple Settings Casual Roleplay Search

    Howdy! Been ages since I've done pokemon, so that could be fun. Stalker x Stalker is totally hilarious and I do love darker themes. Lastly, I'm an absolute sucker for demon x angel or demon/angel x human. I'd be up for any one of these ^w^
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    Journal Log XNF74C

    Not really a story, this is mostly just a prelude to my random thoughts that pop up during the day, hence the journal.
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    Journal  Log XNF74C

    Log XNF74C, Entry 1: We have arrived at planet delta g in system IC7, but have not yet made contact. We fear the status of the relations that would develop, so we have decided to observe, for now. In the meantime, we hope for peace. That's why these documents will be translated to one of the...
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    Fandom  Post-apocalyptic pokémon

    This is totally made on a whim, so I don't have everything fleshed out just yet. The only thing I know at the moment is that this is a sorta post-apocalyptic world where only pokémon – and maybe the odd rabid human – live. I will say right now that I have 0 experience with the post-apocalyptic...
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    Multiple Settings Effie searches? It's more likely than you'd think. (Non-Fandom!)

    One of my favourite pairings is closeted x out. It works really well in a college setting, but works in other settings as well. Would you be interested in fxf?