My name is Mary! I was born on January 14th 1992, making me a Capricorn born in the year of the Ram. I used to be a preschool teacher at a private preschool, but I decided to get my teaching credential and become a kindergarten teacher. In the meantime, I'm a one-on-one aide for special needs students. While I love kids, I have no interest in having my own. In my mind, my students are my kids.

I've been roleplaying for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure that when I moved from 5th grade to 6th grade, playing pretend just evolved into roleplaying. I mostly enjoy doing romance roleplays based around fandom stuff (anime, video games, books, movies, all that jazz), but sometimes I have ideas based on stereotypical concepts, fantasy or even periodical stuff. I have posted a thread with all the ideas and pairings I do for rolerplays (which I regularly update) called My Handy Dandy Role Play List!

One thing I'd like to add while we're on the topic of roleplays is that I primarily play Original Characters (OC's). I like making my own characters because it's not very often that I find a canon character that I can absolutely relate to. In fact, the only one I really have felt related to is Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club (if you haven't played that or watched someone play it, I'd recommend it.) I understand that the kind of roleplays where a canon character is paired with an OC isn't super popular anymore and that it's a very 90's thing, but that's how I roleplay. If you don't like it, you don't have to play with me.

But onto the more important stuff. There are some things that I think is important for people to understand when roleplaying with me. First and foremost, I suffer from PTSD; I was sexually abused by my ex which caused me to have some major anxiety around erotic topics. While I am getting better and can handle certain things, I cannot do erotic roleplays. No matter how much you ask me, the answers pretty much always going to be no. So you might be wondering, "If you can't do erotic RP's, why are you on an adult website?" Well, as someone well over 18, I don't really feel comfortable roleplaying with teenagers. So, here I am.

Another thing that is a good thing to know is that I have Asperger's Syndrome (or High Functioning Autism). What that ultimately means is that I don't pick up on social cues very well and I tend to fixate on certain topics. There's some things that may seem like common knowledge that I just don't understand and that you might need to explain to me. It's usually not a huge issue, and most people don't seem to mind, but I like to let people know in case they're like "What the hell is up with this chick?"

The last two things I want to mention is that I have chronic depression and anxiety. What does that mean for you guys? Well, there will be times when I REALLY want you to reply because I need something to distract myself, which could result in badgering. I'm normally pretty good about not doing that, but if it happens, that's why.

But so we don't end on a sad note, let's do some trivia about me!
  • My favorite color is pink
  • I'm technically a weebo
  • I got into anime when I was 8 through Sailor Moon (my favorite Sailor Scout is Uranus)
  • I'm a middle child
  • My other hobbies include playing video games, watching YouTube, drawing, reading and singing
  • I have an annual pass to Disneyland (my favorite ride is The Haunted Mansion)
  • I've been doing detailed writing since I was in 5th grade
  • Along with my mental issues, I have polycystic ovarian disease and vonWillebrand’s Disorder (basically, menstrual cycles are a bitch)
  • My favorite original Pokemon is tied between Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff
  • Before I decided to be a teacher, I wanted to be a cartoonist
  • I briefly did child voice acting for educational music and audio lessons
  • I can’t speak Spanish, but I understand a fair amount of it if spoken slowly
  • My favorite Disney princess is Ana, and my favorite Disney villain is Mother Gothel
  • I have a generalized processing and learning disability, but I love learning about new things
  • My favorite book (that isn’t a manga) is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
  • My favorite animal is Penguins!
  • My preference on pets are cats, but I also have a weakness for floppy eared dogs
  • I’ve been part of four different weddings; in three of them I was a flower girl, and one I was a bridesmaid
  • I’m considered a social introvert; I enjoy being around people, but being social is exhausting
  • I was in Musical Theater in high school
  • My dream Pokemon team is:
    • Chikorita
    • Piplup
    • Sylveon
    • Cubone
    • Mawile
    • Lapras
Jan 14, 1992 (Age: 29)
Substitute Teacher




"It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men."
- Frederick Douglass, 1817-1895