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  • Rules and Info for RPing with me:
    1. Must multi paragraph and/or novella style roleplay. No one liners.
    1a. PLEASE, for the love of all things roleplaying, write 3rd person (example: He picked up the glass.)
    1.b PLEASE do not just send me a post or a simple "hi". Inform me what you're looking for, what caught your eye, etc.
    2. RESPECT. Please have respect for me and I will do the same to you. I am a human. I will not accept disgusting or rude messages from anyone.
    3. No god modding...please! You control your character, I control mine. Unless we've discussed something, please stop.
    4. I don't always have a character or storyline I'm set to. If you do, please be upfront with me from the getgo. I don't need to waste my time trying to come up with something when you're set in stone on something else.
    5. I will not RP anything anime/video games, anything involving characters under 18. Just NO! Take that elsewhere.
    6. While I prefer creating my own characters in their own storylines, I can be persuaded to play a non-canon character in the following universes: Harry Potter, Marvel, TrueBlood, Witcher. And while I am still not versed in Vampire Diaries or Supernatural, I am open to learning but refused to be pressured.
    7. Can we just have some fun? Is that so hard?!
    8. I am open to OOC on Discord. I actually prefer OOC discussion on Discord as I receive immediate notifications.
    9. Shoot me a message if you made it through these rules.

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