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  • The Fandoms I am in:
    DDLC (Doki Doki lit Club)
    Undertale/UT AUs
    YB (Your boyfriend)
    Yan-Sim (Yandere Simulator)
    {More If I mention it to you}
    Characters that I'm willing to RP as:
    From DDLC: Sayori, Yuri, DDLCSwitcheroo's MC
    From UT/UT Aus: (Literally anyone-)
    Daganronpa: Chiaki( goodbye Despair), Kaede(v3), Hibiki (SRDR2), Toko (v3), Angie(v3), Junko, Any gender-bent DR Character
    YB: YN
    Yan-Sim: Ayano
    MHA: Ochaco, Deku
    (Keep in mind, If I Can't have these characters, I'm fine to RP as other Characters!- I just need to know how they act and I can try my best!)
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