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    Dice Rise and Fall of Aurea OOC

    I'm interested in making a character and joining this. Forgive me, but I'm new to the dice section of this site. How do I find a character sheet to edit and post?
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    "Someone say gun?"
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    "Something's wrong with this planet." Jack muttered to himself. He reached up to scratch his face, feeling the bristles of early facial hair across his chin. He could have sworn he was clean-shaven this morning. He joined the others, standing next to the woman he once knew. "Electric dude, how...
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    Fantasy Shake Your Chains [Always Open, Easy to Join]

    Mir's eyes flashed open, suddenly rising inside his clay hut on the desolate Dragon's Rock. "There's a presence here. Rune? No, would have felt longer. Item? Animal? Most definitely, vessel. Strong sign. Let's nose around." Without another word Mir vanished, sweeping himself up in a billowing...
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    Fantasy Shake Your Chains [Open World RPG] OOC

    I would like to start but this is personally not in my ability to sway either way. So whenever!
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    Without another word, Jack ran off, his arms full of metal bundles and shouting at Crutch. "Tin man, let's go! I need a computer to help me with this. We're making a triangular three-point base, and I need an area where a signal will transmit the most. Lead the way!"
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    "A little too regular. I've never found any bar compatible to the companionship and absurdity of that joint. I can't remember the name for the life of me. It's good to see you though. What brings" He asked awkwardly. "I mean, I never really thought settling down and colonizing was...
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    "Well, fuck me. I guess we're manually establishing a distress signal." Jack ran back to the nearest pod, grunting in effort as he tore off strips of the outer metal layer, the air filled with loud screeching. He returned, in his arms a bundle of scrap. "If we set up antennae around the local...
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    "Thank Space Jesus you have a working console. How soon you think until we can make a move off this place?" He asked Louis. "Oh,'s Jack, by the way." He did a double take, stunned as another survivor, a tall woman with assaulting violet features, entered the fray. "Sierra?! What the...
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    "Robot guy!" Jack jogged, catching up to Crutch. "What in the hell just happened? That whole space rig just became a goddamn sea rig a good amount of clicks out. Can you scan for any survivors- actually, fuck that. Can you send up a distress beacon? This place is nice and Bahama and all but I'm...
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    Fantasy [Still Looking - 18/12] Shake Your Chains [Always Open. Just Started]

    And in any fantasy tale I must add by the way, you gotta have a crazy ass old wizard man that helps the plot along by dropping mad cryptic foreshadowing hints. YA KNOW. Mir.............LIN AAAAA
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    Futuristic Operation Blackrise: IMPACT (OPEN RP)

    Jack wandered the beach, thoroughly pissed off that an attempt to bunker down and colonize temporarily to escape Federation attention has now turned into the plot of Castaway. Openly he wondered if there were any other survivors, much less any that would understand the Castaway reference. He...