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  • That moment when you try to brainstorm RPs and your husband not even 3 feet from you won't stop being salty at Overwatch.
    Got a massive headache at the moment. I blame the weather and sleeping for like 14 hours. Will finish up posts once painkillers kick in and my brain starts cooperating. 
    That moment when you're writing and drinking coffee, and you reach out to have another sip but it's all gone. The disappointment is real.
    MIA most of the day. Finishing up packing and preparing to move. Posts should be up ASAP after real life releases me.
    Busy for most of the day. Will reply ASAP to the posts once I am home and have free time.
    Laptop decided to die on me. Replies will be slow, at least until the end of the week when I either fix the laptop or get a new one.
    I should keep track of what I am writing. Without realizing it, my post turned into a 6 page opener. #LongPosterProblems
    My brain is dead. Not only did the exams kill my creativity, but also the crap of a book that I am forcing myself to finish.
    Having some Internet issues, going to send those whom I owe posts once it's been resolved.
    RPNation's acting up, won't let me send messages QQ I'm still alive, and your posts are ready, but they don't want to be posted apparently.
    I'm still alive, but my brain was killed by deadlines. To those to whom I owe posts - they will be sent shortly after I recover.
    Killed by deadlines; I don't exist until next week, sorry to everyone to whom I owe the posts to.
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