Len Auphydas

"Salvation or Death"

Hi, I'm Len! I'm just a purity zealot eunuch whose favorite things in the whole wide world are cuteness, good clean violence, speculative engineering, genetics, and probably above all else, siblings. I like writing and reading stories, I write mainly fantasy, but in reality my real favorite is stories centered on sibling dynamics regardless of setting (Though, those can be hard to find).

Outside of my story writing, I also write alot of philosophy, journals, or just speculative engineering and biology work. I also have made 3d models of my vehicle designs in the past, though I dont really engage in that hobby much anymore. Still, I do love me some speculative engineering work, and I am more than eager to discuss it with anyone who is similarly interested.

I am fanatically devoted to my ideal of 'purity' and, can be rather... Sensitive to anything that detracts from that ideal. It has caused me interpersonal conflict before and I'm sure it will again so... Just consider yourself warned. I am very radical in my views and its probably safer to just steer away from any such conversation with me.
Mar 20, 1999 (Age: 24)
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Studying Biochemistry




I am the Blade of Salvation
The Scourge of Evil
Eternal Servant of Divinity

May I never be found wanting.