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  • I think Missy and Mrs. Lovett have tea together sometimes. Chat about their schemes, plan murders and deceptions, that sorta thing. It's fun. Sometimes Missy brings a fancy cake.
    So, I'm trying to catch up with Doctor Who since I'd been unable to do so since I had gotten lost somewhere in season 8 when that was airing. I'm almost done season 10, and is it just me, or is Missy like the weird lovechild of Mary Poppins and Mrs. Lovett? Now that I've seen a non-Burton production of Sweeney, I can verify that she's very Lovett-y.
    I probably have more long-term RPs than I can reasonably handle at this point. Why do I keep trying to join more, then? I have no self control, and use fiction to hide from the anxieties of the real world. That being said, there's this centaur thing that seems really cool.
    I just remembered that this site exists! Hi! Hopefully I'll be more active now, and actually do things. I think I may have gotten a little better at writing and character creation, but that's not a sure thing.
    Semi-online rn, I'm in the car for at least an hour. Connection is spotty, so don't expect much from me.
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