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    Fandom Looking for a Degrassi partner !

    I would love to rp Degrassi me and my mother watch that together
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    Fandom  A fandom search

    Hello here is a list of fandoms i like i perfer cannon characters My hero academia The office ddlc princess jellyfish rwby Toradora
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    Fandom Old

    I like my hero academia,Rwby,Princess jellyfish,The office,Sailor moon
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    Fandom Old

    Hey dude are u interested into rping with me?
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    Fandom  My hero academia search

    I will rp with anyone 13+ I will not do Nsfw content I perfer cannon x cannon Who I can play for you:Jiro,Momo,Uraraka,Kaminari,Midoriya (Maybe) Parings Momo x Jiro Uraraka x Midoriya Kaminari x Jiro Uraraka x Momo Uraraka x Jiro
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    OH ok

    OH ok
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    I play momo,Uraraka and jiro

    I play momo,Uraraka and jiro
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    Yup that's right and pls don't call me earphones

    Yup that's right and pls don't call me earphones
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    Fandom Looking for Some BNHA, Naruto, Soul Eater, or Fairytail people!!

    Hello I wanna do mha with you?
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    Ok bye then

    Ok bye then
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    It's ok

    It's ok
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    Ummm hello

    Ummm hello
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    Fandom In search of new rp partners

    OK I'll pm you
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    Fandom Long-term fandom plot RPs!

    Hi I will be willing to do mha with you
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    Multiple Settings New Partner Search