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  • Hi there.
    I read your post in the introduction thread and was intrigued by it.

    Would you be interested in Group RPs?

    I run a small group rp that is an Original Fantasy. The story itself is nothing special, with many classical plots and tropes to be found, but I generally want it to focus on the group of characters with the story as a sidedish to them.

    Anyway here's a link to the RPs IC and OOC respectively

    Please feel free to look around. If you should have any questions please don't hesitate to use the Ooc thread or msg me directly!
    Ah it's been quite awhile since I've been on here, I was afraid I'd have to make a new profile lol there anyone I haven't replied to yet? I'm done classes tomorrow so stack me up with role-plays!! d:
    Sorry for late replies, I've been busy but I may be able to start replying tonight or tomorrow. If not then definitely on the weekend.
    Agh...role-plays are currently slow /: would anyone like to do a 1 x 1 roleplay or plan a group one..?
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