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    Commission Heres my art yoooo!

    How much for a waiste up?
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    Poetry  Depth by Soul

    "Only by being selfless, can we obtain our most beautiful selves" Depth By Soul I was not "Born", more like Animated. White curtains drawn, then circuits integrated. The final cost, could not be calculated. Processors calibrated, then I was activated. "She has no Soul"… so say those who...
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    Fantasy Original Setting

    Cool! Just PM me and we can talk more.
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    Fantasy  Original Setting

    The Overarching plot will involve a war between human and elves... Looking for very literate partners to collaborate with. I have a setting I have been fleshing out for while, so let's talk characters and plots! Almost 500 years ago, Gauge was hit by a massive object from space. The entire...
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    Fantasy Long Term Partner Search

    Hi! I'm definitely interested. It's hard to find really literate roleplaying! I have an Original Fantasy setting that I've been working on. If you would like to chat more about it hit me up with a PM.
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    Poetry  The Legend of Flowbane

    The Legend of Flowbane In a World of Myth, before fates hand were put to page. A lone Adventurer goes forth in the Lands of Gauge. In the harsh frost where the cold winds don't fade. Past the old marsh, where the forsaken Legions lay. Our hero heads North to where few tracks are laid. To seek...
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    Fantasy Explore the World of Gauge..

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    Fantasy MxM MxF roleplay

    I can send you details about the setting if you want.
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    Fantasy Fantasy Medieval RP Partner Search! ~always open~

    Hi! The Missing Master seems interesting. Definitely interested in being a "player" instead of the World Builder for a change.
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    Futuristic Sunset Horizon IC

    Joun was making his way to engineering when all hell started to break loose. The Captain's sudden orders to abandon ship caused a cold dread to seep into his stomach. Beyond the natural desire to live, he mostly thought about what his son would do without him, and that scared him most. Luckily...
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    Multiple Settings MxF Rps (always open)

    I just bumped my own 1x1 search. That can give you an idea.
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    Fantasy Explore the World of Gauge..

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    Multiple Settings MxF Rps (always open)

    Do you only do Anime?
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    Fantasy Explore the World of Gauge..

    Hey! I just have a policy of Roleplaying with 18+ only for 1x1.
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    Fantasy Explore the World of Gauge..